Forever & Always

Jennacy was just a simple, normal girl, 3 years ago. As soon as her world was spun around when she met the amazing One Direction, she knew it wasn't ever going to be the same! She was just a normal teen directioner that of coarse fangirled over everything she saw that had to do with these good looking heart throbs. She's gotten older and now she's on the other side of the picture going steady with the one and only, Harry Styles!


10. Dress up!

We were all at the wedding shop. Harry and I were sat in the showing room in the uncomfortable chairs. The bridesmaids and groomsmen all walked out hand in hand showing off their clothing. The girls were wearing short, strapless, teal dresses with a creme cloth wrapped around the waist-line, coming into a simple bow in the back. As my maid of honor, Maggie was wearing a dress resembling the others but cream with a teal wrap around with teal high heels.. she came prepared! The grooms men were wearing black tux's with tan ties. Niall was the best man.. he wore a tan tux with a teal tie and of coarse, teal and white high tops! A smile grew on both on mine and Harry's faces. 

"It's Perfect!!!" I squealed. You could see Harry felt the same way. "Ok now for pairs!" all the girls and guys grouped together. We both looked at one group, then the other, putting people into pairs in our minds. 

"Maggie and Niall" I said winking at Maggie. "Yes! I get the prettiest one!" Niall smiled making Maggie blush. "Per and Zayn". "Dani and Li" Harry said as Liam held his arm out as Danielle slid her between his. "Lou and El" I said laughing as Louis and El ran into each others arms dramatically. "And.... Kaitlyn and Josh!" Harry and I said at once watching the smiles grow onto both
Kaitlyn and Josh's faces. Kaitlyn's face automatically turned bright red. She slowly walked over gripping her dress in nervousness. Josh smiled and held out his hand and she slightly gripped it as he spun her around sweetly as her beautiful dress fanned out. Kaitlyn was totally lost in the moment, and so was I, thinking about how much that reminded me of Harry and I. Niall noticed the moment and had to make himself the center of attention so he grabbed Maggie, dipped her and kissed her lips softly making Harry notice, so HE pulled me over and kissed me deeply stealing the left over attention send the entire room in awe over the romance in the room. Zayn and Liam pulled their girlfriends into a quick kiss and Louis shouting "So THIS is what we've gotten to!!" and pulled Eleanor into a kiss as well. As we all got ourselves back together we noticed that every other person in the store was looking at us all kissing. We all burst into laughter and everyone went their different ways to change.

When they all were dressed we went to Starbucks to grabs coffees and headed to Harry and my house. Louis, Elenour, Danielle, Liam, Zayn, and Perrie went into the living room and Zayn flipped on the tv. Niall leaded Maggie into the kitchen and started raiding our cabinets of coarse.. how did I know? I went to chance into some comfier clothes since it was getting a little late as Harry went to make some tea and order pizza. Before I left to the room I saw Josh and Kaitlyn hand in hand as Josh pulled her out onto the balcony.. Hmmm....

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