Forever & Always

Jennacy was just a simple, normal girl, 3 years ago. As soon as her world was spun around when she met the amazing One Direction, she knew it wasn't ever going to be the same! She was just a normal teen directioner that of coarse fangirled over everything she saw that had to do with these good looking heart throbs. She's gotten older and now she's on the other side of the picture going steady with the one and only, Harry Styles!


3. A Girl's Suprise


"WE'RE HEREEEEEEE!!!!" Louis screamed as we all sourt of flinched at the loud sound.

"Come on babe!" Harry said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the car.

I looked around noticing we were at the beach in the middle of no were. I was admiring the large waves splashing onto the shore when Harry grabbed my hand and started bolting toward the water.

"WOO HOO!!!" He screamed as the wind flew through his hair. "Come on Jennacy, run faster!!" I started running faster trying to catch up to him. No use.

We ran straight into the water not noticing that we were soaking our clothes. He splashed my playfully and I just sat there laughing and taking it all in. Finally, I made my come back as he slowly came to a stop.

"No! Jennacy! My hair! Noooo!!" He was laughing as he complained and I didn't notice that he went along with the same plan I had used. He looked at me as i slowed down, coming at me full on splashing the water left and right.

"Ahh Harry! No fair!!!" i laughed trying to sheild the water with my arms. He suddenly grabbed both of my wrists right before I was going to strike again.

"Surrender or I pull you under!" He said to me trying to get me to give in, but knowing I wouldn't.

"never!" I giggled.

"I'll do it!" He protested "Don't make me!"

"You would ne-" I started to say but the quick fall and rush of water hitting my face cutting my off.

His hands still wrapped around mine suddenly pulled my closer to him at such a fast pace that it took no time at all for our lips to collide. He finally pulled me up for both of use to catch our breaths. I looked at him and smiled but as I looked around the water to see were everyone was I noticed everyone was right near us staring curiously.

"What?" I looked at them with a confused face as if nothing just happened.

"You guys were under there a very long time so we all started freaking out thinking something was wrong!" El said still trying to calm down. Maggie looked at me with the confused look I'm pretty sure I just gave her.

"So... what WERE you two doing under there all this time?" trying to put on a suspicious face.

"ummm.." was all I could get out.

"We were looking for a shell that we felt in the sand from when we made our way over to this spot in the first place!" Harry jumping in the conversation at just the right time.

"Sureee... THAT'S what happened!" Louis said smirking knowing that was far from the truth.

"Ok well.." Dani started. 

"LETS EAT!!!!" Niall shouted as he went running toward shore.

We all made our way back up to the soft sand when Perrie noticed something in the distance.

"What's that?" she asked looking around at all of us to see if any of us knew the answer. All the boys made a quick glance at eachother.

"I don't know! Lets go find out! Shall we?" he locked his arm around Dani's as all of the girls now had the same overly confused look on their faces.

We walked for a few minutes as each couple talked and held hands on our adventure toward the small figure in the distance. As we slowly got closer, we all started to notice the small cave lit with candles for a very romantic look with a small, simple feast on five different picnic clothes laid on the floor as we all gasped. I looked up at Harry to see that he was already looking at me.

"You are the greatest!" I said truthfully as i hugged his arm and he wrapped it around my waist as I let go.

We all went our to our different clothes and soon were alone with our boyfriends.

"I must tell you, I am the luckiest guy in the world!" he said sweetly as he handed me a plate with a taco shell placed on it.

He opened the picnic basket and pulled out containers with the different things to put onto our taco's. I was very excited! Taco's, our favorite!

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