Once More: A One Direction Story

When One Direction takes a few weeks off to visit friends and family, he is introduced to his older sister's friend, Samantha. At first, the two don't seem to care for eachother but that quickly changes. Soon, they begin hanging out very frequently. Could something form from this?


2. First Impressions


Beep. Beep. Beep. I sat up and stretched. "What is that?" I asked. "Where am I?!" I jumped up and looked around. I had fallen asleep trying to clean, and that noise was my alarm. Liam would be here any minute and his room is a dump! I sighed and decided it was best that I shower first. I took a quick shower,wrapped a towel around me and walked back into the bedroom. "Well hello love!" A boy said. I picked my head up and couldn't believe it, Liam had gotten here when I was in the shower. "I'm so sorry! For the mess, for you having to see me like this-" I said but was suddenu interrupted. "No, it's fine. Go get dressed. I'll leave you be. " He smiled and walked out of the room, jumping, hurdling, and dodging all the stuff the laid on the floor. I shut the door behind him and changed as fast as possible. I wasn't sure what I should wear so I played it safe and just wore a pair of white skinny jeans, a pink long-sleeved top, my black Uggs, an I threw my hair up into a bun. I walked out an net everyone in the kitchen.

"Nice to see you again." Liam said warmly. "And this time I'm not naked. "I laughed. His mom and sisters shot me a look. "NO!" Liam and I both shouted at the same time. "What happened was I was in the shower and because no one told me, I accidentally walked into his room with just a towel. " I explained. They laughed and then Liam said, "So, not to sound rude, but who are you and why are you in my house?" "I forgot to tell you," Ruth replied,"This is my friend Samantha and she's been staying with us for a while. " "Oh, so I guess it'd be safe to say you've been sleeping in my room?" Liam asked gesturing at all the various objects laying on the ground including: bras, panties, magazines, clothes, socks, shoes, and water bottles and snack wrappers. "Yeah, sorry, I tried to clean it up last night but kin of fell asleep in the process." I answered, blushing a bit. He nodded. "It's alright love. "

I smiled and Ruth decided that her, Liam, and I all go out for dinner tonight so that we could "bond". I stupidly agreed, it may not sound bad but that's because you've never been to dinner with Ruth.
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