Once More: A One Direction Story

When One Direction takes a few weeks off to visit friends and family, he is introduced to his older sister's friend, Samantha. At first, the two don't seem to care for eachother but that quickly changes. Soon, they begin hanging out very frequently. Could something form from this?


1. The Call


It was just an average day, I walked around the house in sweatpants and a tanktop, watched TV, and stuffed my face with heaps of food. (Oh, I probably should mention that I am currently staying at the Payne residence.) I grabbed a bowl of popcorn from the kitchen and went into the living room to watch a movie. "Hey Sammy!" Ruth greeted. I waved and jokingly threw a piece of popcorn at her. "Hey!" She laughed as she swatted it away. We both laughed for a minute and then she joined me on the couch. "So what are you doing?" She asked. "I'm about to watch a movie, Grease to be exact!" I smiled. She smiled in agreement and we sat and watched it together.

However, about halfway through, the phone began to ring. Ruth shot up to answer it and I continued watching the movie. "Hey!...Are you serious?!...That's awesome! I can't wait!...That soon?...Okay...Bye!" She said through the phone. She hung it up and ran to the other room screaming, "MUM! MUM!" She was excited about something! I waited for her to return an then asked, "So what's the good news?" "Liam! He's coming home for a while!" She said happily. "That's awesome Ruth! When is he coming?" I asked. "Tomorrow!" She said still so happy. TOMORROW?! I thought to myself. I have never met this boy and he's never met me; IM A MESS! I gave her a big hug and then said, "Well we should probably straighten up!" we looked at the room. "Yeah and you should probably clean up his room. " She said giving me a small nudge. That's right! I totally forgot I was sleeping in his room; all my crap was scattered in there and he'd obviously need it while he was here. I nodded and stood up to begin my cleaning journey.
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