Forever Young...with you.❤

Brea has just graduated high school. For her 18th birthday present and graduation present, her family got her a trip to London for the whole summer and she can bring me person. Of course she chose her best friend Audrey. There they get into trouble and have some summer romances.what happens when they leave?


2. Trip to London

"wake up!" Audrey screamed at me. "we have to go! Our flight leaves at 6:45!" I turned over and my alarm clock said 4:30am. I rolled over onto the floor. " ok, ok, 4:30? Why so early?" " we have to get there by 5:00!" she said. I gave a thumbs up and stumbled over to the bathroom. I stared into the mirror thinking 'this is a piece of work'. Then started to get ready. I slips my sweats on with my tshirt. I tied my long light brown hair in to a high messy bun. Then I applied some makeup, just a little, some foundation and mascara, making my green eyes pop. Then I brushed my teeth and loaded my car with our bags. A whole summers worth of packing, well let's just say you need a fork lift! I turned around to find my beautiful best friend with sweats on and a long braid going down her right shoulder. She smirked, "we might as well be comfortable on the long plane ride." we live in Malibu California, so you can imagine how long our plane ride would be to London. We drove to the airport and later boarded the plane. Our trip was relatively smooth, although Audrey did get sick have way through it. Poor girl is terrified of heights. Once we landed we exited the plane and took a taxi to my aunts house. We pulled up and waled up the driveway to see a cute Victorian building. We walked in a went to the third floor. We opened the door and walked into the place we were going to stay for three months.
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