Forever Young...with you.❤

Brea has just graduated high school. For her 18th birthday present and graduation present, her family got her a trip to London for the whole summer and she can bring me person. Of course she chose her best friend Audrey. There they get into trouble and have some summer romances.what happens when they leave?


7. Locked out.

Breas P.O.V:
Once we finishe dessert, the boys walked us back to our condo. We hugged each of them goodbye and bid them a goodnight. I opened my purse to grab out my house key. I started to panick. " where is my key, i swore I had it!" Audrey shot me a stare. " you must have left it at the cafe! And by now it's closed!" I sighed and walked over to Harry's and knocked on the door. It flung open with Harry and his cheeky grin behing it." hello, what's the matter loves?" " we have a problem. I accidentally left my key in the cafe and by now it's closed." " oh that's not a problem, you can stay here for tonight!" he said a little too excited. I sighed of relief." oh thank you so much! In the morning we can go and get the key." he showed us in and brought us to a guest room. " will this be all right I mea-" " this is perfect. Thank you for everything!" I rapped my arms around his neck. I could hear him take a short breathe, and a shaky exhale. He smelled of mint and alcohol. I stepped away grinning looking into his eyes. He was staring into mine as well. " alrighty then,"said Audrey as she stepped in between us. But my yes never left Harry's.
Harry P.O.V:
I walked out of the room, my heart pounding outta my chest. I felt something for Brea. Like I needed to protect her, and never let her go. I got into my sweats and went to bed.
Breas P.O.V:
I got up the next moning, looking like I was attacked by a wldabeast. I could let Harry see me like this! I combed through my knotted hair with my fingers, applied some coverup I luckily had in my purse, and used some mouthwash I found in the restroom.inwalked out in to the hallway quietly shutting the dorr so I wouldn't wake Audrey. I quickly turned around. Smack! I ran into Harry and the next thing I knew I was laying ontop of him on the ground.
Harry's P.O.V:
I walked out of my room not paying attention to where I was walking. Smack! I crashed into Brea. She landed ontop of me on the ground. " are you all right I'm so sorry that was my fau-" " I'm alright are you? Don't apologize it was my fault." she said with her shakey voice. " I'm fine." I said staring into her gorgeous eyes. She stared back. Our faces millimeters apart. My heart was racing. She smelled like pancakes and flowers. I felt her cool breath hit my face. " umm...I'm so sorry let me..ugh..are you hurt?" she said while climbing off of me."yes I'm fine love." I said. And she smiled with and apologetic look. I never wanted that perfect moment to end, it felt like we were the only two people in the world.
Breas P.O.V:
" yes im fine love." Harry said still looking into my eyes. I got up. My heart was still racing from our encounter.and for some reason I never wanted it to end.I walked away, as I was too embarrassed to have Harry stare into my eyes like I meant something to him. Who was I kidding. Harry styles likening me? There was no way. All I knew was that I couldn't hide my feelings about him, even though I'm not axactly sure what they were...
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