Forever Young...with you.❤

Brea has just graduated high school. For her 18th birthday present and graduation present, her family got her a trip to London for the whole summer and she can bring me person. Of course she chose her best friend Audrey. There they get into trouble and have some summer romances.what happens when they leave?


5. It's him!

Harrys P.O.V:
Those girls were beautiful the girl called Audrey had beautiful curly blonde hair and brown chocolate eyes. And don't get me started on Brea. Her light brown wavy hair flowing down her back, her beautiful green eyes sparkling, that perfect smile, and those adorable dimples. I couldnt take my eyes off of her. And neither of them recognized me! My mother told me a bit about them, that they were coming for the summer fom America. We've been to America! We were quite popular there actually. Do they know who one direction is?
Breas P.O.V:
Harry looked so familiar, that smile, and his voice. I just couldn't place it. After we finished shopping, we hopped into the car. On the way home, Audrey turned on th radio. A few songs later ' what makes you beautiful' came on. Her favorite song. I liked one direction, they weren't particularly my favorite group. I hit the brakes, " holy shit!" I know where hes from! Harry! Harry styles from one direction!" a car sped around us honking. They cursed and kept driving." holy shit! Omg god! Your right!" Audrey with her jaw open. Once we made it home, i ran into the condo. "Holy shit! We are staying next to Harry styles!" said Audrey screaming. " yeah, Harry..." I said smiling picturing the beautiful boy in my head. " Harry."Suddenly Someone started slamming on the door. Startled, I opened it to find him standing there looking at me in the eyes.
Harry's P.O.V:
I heard a scream from the girls condo. I ran and banged on the door. What was happening? I hope the girls are alright! Brea slung open the door. I looked into her gorgeous eyes. I snapped out of my trance. " are you guys alright? I heard a scream and I ran ov-" " yes. Were fine. Sorry about that umm... Audrey..ah..stubbed her toe!" she blurted out. I knew she was hiding something, but I went along with it. "ok! Good! I was worried!" shit! I just made myself sound creepy. I'm such an idiot! "you were?" Brea said, her face lit up with that gorgeous smile. " umm...I meant that um there was a fire!" nice save idiot! " oh..."she said frowning slightly. "umm tonight, uh would you like to come out to the cafe for dinner..not like a date or anything, but so we can get to know each other. And if it's alright, my four friends would love yo meet you too." I said. "ummm..."she turning back at Audrey.i saw Audrey shake her head. " sure, why not? Um I'll meet you there at 7. Bye!" I smiled, then she slowly shut the door while she blushed.yes! Tonight I'll tell her!
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