Forever Young...with you.❤

Brea has just graduated high school. For her 18th birthday present and graduation present, her family got her a trip to London for the whole summer and she can bring me person. Of course she chose her best friend Audrey. There they get into trouble and have some summer romances.what happens when they leave?


3. Home sweet home...for now

It was absolutely beautiful. Through the door you saw a gorgeous kitchen, with a cute little spiraling table and chair set. Out a ways were brown leather couches with a tv in front. Across from the living room was a beautiful spiraling staircase. I walked over to the table to find a letter from my aunt may. It said, " dearest Brea, welcome to my home. I'm so happy I could be of assistance to your living arrangements. The bedrooms are upstairs. You are welcome to use my car. The keys are hung over the bench near the front door. Have fun. If you need help, knock on my neighbors door, Anne. I spoke with her, and she knows that your here. Love, aunt may." I smiled. "the bedrooms are upstairs" I said to Audrey. We ran upstairs and found ourselves these beautiful spacious bedrooms, with baths and walk in closets. We unpacked then went downstairs. "we can just grab sandwiches and then go to bed, I'm exhausted!" Audrey announced as she was rummaging through the fridge. We ate then climed into our comfy beds under our quilts. " Goodnight Brea!" Audrey yelled from the room next to mine. "Goodnight Audrey" I replied.
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