Forever Young...with you.❤

Brea has just graduated high school. For her 18th birthday present and graduation present, her family got her a trip to London for the whole summer and she can bring me person. Of course she chose her best friend Audrey. There they get into trouble and have some summer romances.what happens when they leave?


1. Graduation

Brea P.O.V:
I walked onto the stage as they called my name "Brea Peterson". A huge grin was spread across my face, I waved to my family. 'My life was finally beginning' I thought to myself as I walked off. After the ceremony, I ran over to my family and embraced them all. "I am so proud of you Brea!" my mother said to me with a smile. " my little girl is all grown up" my dad said with a sigh and a huge bear hug. It was my birthday in two days. I was turning 18. Finally! "Brea, since your birthday is coming up and you just graduated, me and your father we wondering what to get you." said my mother. " and we were thinking, well she's always wanted to go to London, and we wanted this to be a memorable summer before you go to collage this fall. So we are sending you to London for the entire summer." I stood there with a massive grin. I have been dreaming of going to London my whole life! I screamed with joy! " oh my lord! Thank you so much! You are the best parents a girl could ever ask for." i said embracing my parents. " we also have another surprise..." as they said that Aubrey, my best since we were in first grade came walking over with her parents and younger brother. "Aubrey! Oh my god I'm going to London!" I said embracing her, at this piont we were both jumping. Then at the same time our parents said, " you both are! We are sending both of you to London for the summer! You are both going to stay in auntie mays condo, since she is on a mission trip, she said you girls can live there this summer while you are in London!" I looked over to Aubrey, we screamed on the top of our lungs. We started jumping around, so excited! We embraced our parents and thanked them. This was going to be the greatest summer of my entire life.
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