I Will Try To Fix You

Rebecca is a shy, soft spoken girl with cheeks that are prone to getting tomato red. She is very insecure not only about her appearance, but also what other people say about her. While she is staying in Washington D.C for two weeks, she unexpectedly meets someone that can help her realize how beautiful she really is. He may be the only one that can fix her. (A One Direction fan fiction).


2. Pancakes, Attitude, An A Stained Dress



Pancakes, Attitude, And A Stained Dress   Rebecca She closed the door behind her and leaned against it. She laughed to herself and bit the tiniest part of her lip out of pure joy, but she started to yawn and dragged her feet to the bathroom. She looked at the reflection in the mirror. “Oh…my…goodness.” Her eyes widened with horror as she noticed the unidentified creature that had manifested on her head. For a minute, she thought it was starting to move. She grabbed the brush but nearly broke it on the first stroke. When it was finally tamed, she examined her face. Waves of exhaustion in the form of dark circles washed over her chocolate brown eyes. Her constant blushing gave the illusion that her freckles, which sat upon her full cheeks, really HAD disappeared. A million thoughts raced through her head. *Did I really look like this??? Oh my god….I’m a total mess…* She started to yawn again and decided to cram into bed with her sister who was completely taking up every inch. She moved one of her legs, whether it was the right or the left, she couldn’t even attempt to guess. She got into the soft warm cocoon of the hotel bed and dozed off to sleep.   Niall Niall stood at the door smiling. *She said yes…* that word was now all of a sudden the best word in the English language. He turned and started walking, thinking about tomorrow, and before he knew it, he was standing by his room. He fumbled with his pockets again. “Ugh…the key…” he groaned and silently knocked on the door, “GUYS!” Zayn once again opened the door with an eyebrow raised, “Well?” “Well, what?” Niall looked confused, wondering what Zayn wanted to know. “Did you get her phone number?” “Well, no…but.” “NIALL!” Louis evidently heard and was now yelling across the room, “OW!” Liam elbowed Louis in the stomach. “Sorry mate,” Louis apologized, “but really?! Did you not see the way she looked at you?” “No….”Niall started to think. *She was looking at me?* “He just needs a little help! C’mere  ol’ boy!” Harry cut in, walked up to Niall, and patted him on the back. “No, no....uh thanks, Harry, but…that’s ok…..I didn’t get her phone number, but I DID ask her to join us for breakfast tomorrow.” “AND???” Harry asked. “Yes….she said yes,” he displayed a smile that reached from ear to ear. The room erupted with cheers as everyone jumped to hug Niall. Liam was the exception. He was happy for Niall but was concerned that they might actually wake up the hotel, so instead, he shushed everyone. “Geez, don’t be a killjoy…”Louis muttered. Liam stuck out his tongue, and Niall laughed. “I’m going to bed,” he started to walk to the adjoining room. He shuffled into bed, and dozed off to sleep.   Rebecca Rebecca woke up to the image of Matt Smith as the Doctor on her favorite show (Doctor who) dancing rather badly. She immediately glanced at the clock.  9:00 am. She jumped and started to scramble to get into the shower, planning her time in her head. *Fifteen minute shower, ten minutes to dry my hair….okay, I’ll have time.* She started the water and stepped in. The shower didn’t take long, which was good on her time, but she stepped out of the shower, wrapped herself in a towel, and froze, looking at the person in the mirror before her. Fear, anger, and doubt all rose to her yes and rolled down her cheek as tears. Her insecurities took her over, surrounding her and breaking her walls down. Each brick was chipped as each sob escaped her lips. *What am I thinking? There is no way I could ever be good enough for him. I can’t do this* She sat there staring at the mirror, wishing so much that she could just smash it and get rid of the person who was staring at  her, reminding her of how much she  hated the way she looked. All of a sudden, she thought of her nana. “You’re beautiful no matter what,” she always used to say to her. She missed her. She was the only one who kept the bad feelings out of Rebecca’s mind. “I’m beautiful no matter what,” she whispered to herself. The last tear dropped to the floor. She smiled at the thought of her nana. She looked over at the clock.  9:45 am. “AH!! I DON’T HAVE TIME!!”she ran over to her suitcase. Her dad and sister were out so she didn’t care that she was just in a towel. She threw her suitcase open and started to fling articles of clothing over her shoulder. She found a black dress with white polka dots on it. It wasn’t much, but it was all she had at the moment. She pulled it over her head and rushed through her hair. She finished and rushed out the door, heading towards the end of the hall. She stopped in front of room 324 and took a deep breath. She quietly knocked on the door. It opened to reveal a buff man with a short haircut standing in the doorframe. He made a barrier between her and the boys. “Sorry miss, I can’t let you through.” She looked a little surprised and turned to go back to her room. “Wait, Paul!” She felt goose bumps. Niall was on the other side trying to jump over Paul’s height. Every second or so, she could see a blonde head over Paul’s shoulder. Paul moved and Niall approached her in the hallway. The door shut behind him; they were alone. “S-sorry, I’m kind of late. I was rushing ...” she stuttered again. “That’s o-okay. Y-you look really pretty…” He blushed scarlet and so did she. “I’ll get the guys…” he turned and touched the knob ever so slightly when a pile of four boys and a huge body guard toppled on the floor, all grunting in pain. “What are you guys doing?” Niall looked down at the people now cluttering the floor. “Oh….nothing…” Liam said.  Louis broke the tension by getting up and screaming, “LET’S GOOO!!!”  They all rushed to their feet and awkwardly started walking towards the elevators. Niall and Rebecca looked at each other and smiled. They walked side by side in silence. He kept looking up at her and her at him. “Oh…. Here” he reached into his pocket and pulled out a little red rectangle identical to the ones in the vending machine the night before. She stared at it, not knowing what to do. All she could do was let out a laugh. Niall had a worried look on his face. *Oh no, she thinks I’m an idiot....* he thought to himself. She just kept laughing; her stomach started to get sore. “Um...” Niall was nervous,” did I d-do something wrong?” She wiped a tear from the corner of her eye, “What? No! Not at all! I’m sorry. That’s really sweet of you. Thanks…” She smiled at him, but on the inside, she thought, *He must think I am a complete psycho…* She put the candy bar in her pocket. They all piled into the elevator. “So….” Niall started; caution lining the tone of his voice, “have you been to Washington D.C. before?” “Uh…yeah, I have.” “Great! Do you know any good places around here?” He seemed to lighten up a little. “Well, there’s this pancake house that my dad used to take my sister and me to whenever we visited. We could go there.” Paul cut in, “Great! It’s settled. Alright boys, ready?” “Ready for wh-?” Rebecca was shocked when she got her answer: a massive ocean of hyped up teenage girls with every article of One Direction memorabilia imaginable. She froze at the door of the elevator with a wide-eyed expression. She felt a warm hand connect to hers and she looked over at the blonde-haired boy beside her. He showed her his white teeth that said, “It’s okay. I’m here.” She softened her look and braced herself. They were all attacked within second by pens being used as darts, hands, camera flashes, big blown up heads of each of the five boys. With all the commotion, she was happy Niall was able to lead her. If he weren’t there, she might have drowned in all the hysteria. They came to a point where they could all take proper breath. “Wow,” Rebecca was absolutely petrified, “you guys actually have to DEAL WITH THIS?!” “Yup! But I’m not complaining,” Harry smirked, “There are a lot of girls. OW! I WAS JUST KIDDING!” Zayn had hit his arm. They all squeezed into the back of the covert van. Louis yelled, “SHOTGUN!!” at the top of his lungs and threw his arms in the air. He jumped in the van and started laughing. Rebecca looked at him with a weird look. “It’s okay. He forgot his meds this morning. Don’t worry about him.” Liam joked. Rebecca laughed and squished herself in the back. With four teenage boys around her, it was very hard to move in even the slightest way. If she did, she might get poked in the stomach or end up have in a hand in her face.   Niall The whole way there, Niall was thinking about a little Rebecca with smeared maple syrup all over her face. He smiled at himself and chuckled at the thought of how much of a sticky cute mess she would have been. His thoughts were cut off by her soft voice, “Niall! You comin’?” He looked over at the group that left him in the van, “Huh? Oh-oh yeah!” He jumped out and accompanied Rebecca at her side. When they got in, she asked for a table. He looked at her, admiring what he saw. *Wow….how in the world did I get her to come today? What does she even think of me?* She smiled up at him, her dimples showing. He melted a little inside. She grabbed his hand and led him to the table. He loved the feel of her hand in his. It was as though their hands were two puzzle pieces perfect for each other. Two unique pieces that were not able to fit anywhere else but here.   Rebecca They got to the round table placed at the center of the dining room and sat down. At once, a very pretty waitress rushed over to the table. She looked as though she was about to burst, her tight curls almost turning the color of her florid face. “OH MY GOODNESS! YOU’RE ONE DIRECTION!” she yelled. “Yes. They are,” Paul replied, “and do you mind?” She seemed to come back to sanity, “Y-yes, of course. So sorry about that. What would you boys like? And…uh…miss…?” She glared at Rebecca and noticed how closely she was sitting next to Niall. Venom filled her eyes. Rebecca grew rigid. *Why is she looking at me like that? Did I do something?* She became nervous. “Hey,” a whisper cut through, “are you alright?” Niall looked worried. He was the only one who seemed to notice how scared she had gotten. “Yeah. I’m fine” “Ok, well what do you want to eat?” She turned to find the waitress nearly six inches from her, watching her with like a hawk with fierce eyes. Rebecca ordered in a whisper, timidly avoiding the eyes that bore down at her. “Mhm,” the waitress raised her eyebrow, “well what do you want cutie?” She gestured towards Niall. He plainly replied with his order. He did not want to spend too much time in the presence of the waitress. She looked disappointed but continued with the rest of the table, getting a little more excited with each member she took an order from. After Louis screamed, “WAFFLES!!!”, she finally got to Harry. “And for you?!” a bright smiled wiped across her face. “Whatever’s cookin’ good lookin’!” he winked at her. She giggled and replied, “Anything for you, babe!” “I’ll have the strawberry pancakes, then,” he replied. She walked away and Zayn slapped his and to his forehead, “Harry, you’re and idiot…” “Oh Zanypoo! You know you can’t live without me!” Harry playfully punched Zayn’s arms. “Oh, hardly,” Zayn smirked. “So, Rebecca. What are you doing in Washington D.C.?” Liam smiled at her with a sparkly white smile. She looked up, “Oh. My dad’s an air traffic controller, and he goes to a convention every year. It’s here, this year.” “Oh my goodness! Is he one of those guys on the runway? With the little flag things? Those guys are so cool with their little vests and stuff! Is that what he does? Is it? That would be cool.” Louis burst with excitement and hyperactivity. “Aaaaannd…..Louis has officially had enough chocolate milk,” Paul snatched up  the half empty glass full of milk and Louis jumped out of his chair. “Paul give it back!” “Louis sit down!” “Never!!! Give it back!” “So, an air traffic controller,” Liam continued, pretending Louis was acting his age, “that’s really cool! Where?” “We live in Atlanta, but he works a little more south of there,” Rebecca replied to Liam’s question. “Atlanta was great! I remember when we went there on tour a couple of years ago,” Niall came into the conversation. Without noticing, he put his arm around Rebecca’s shoulders. She noticed, but didn’t mind. She loved his warmth. She found it relaxing. She looked up. Their waitress was staring back with ice in her eyes. Rebecca tensed and looked away, thoughts spilled into her mind like the waves of a massive hurricane. * Why is she doing this to me? What did I do? It’s because of Niall and me isn’t it? I knew I wasn’t right for him. Even our waitress can see it.* “Would you like your coffee miss?” Rebecca jumped and looked up to find the waitress asking in a falsely pleasant voice. “Sure,” she said. Black, scorching coffee spilled over her legs, soaking through her dress and scalding her skin. She screamed in agony and ran to the nearest bathroom, locking the door behind her. She sat in the corner and sobbed, walls starting to crash once more. Tears were falling as bricks were chipping. She felt vulnerable. Weak.   Niall Niall stood up, his face was bright red with rage and surprise. He couldn’t breathe. It took everything he had not to turn and punch the waitress square in the nose. Instead, he ran off to the bathroom leaving everyone at the table erupting in yells and screams (Louis used every derogatory word that can be found in the dictionary) directed towards the waitress. Niall banged on the door hastily, “Rebecca!! It’s Niall! Are you ok?!” He heard soft sobs coming from the other side of the door and echoing through the bathroom. “I’m coming in!” He practically knocked the door off its hinges while opening it. He found her broken on the floor, tears glittering on the tile around her. He inched closer and closer, kneeling to the ground at her side. “Hey…shhh…come…here..” He was hesitant to hug her and surround her with his protection but couldn’t help the urge. The minute his arms touched her, she threw her head against his shoulder, burying her face in his now soaked t-shirt. He held her tight, not wanting to let her go for even a minute. “What’s wrong with me?” she managed to muffle into his collarbone. “What?! Nothing! Nothing at all! That is unless….” he hesitated. She looked up in horror. He was smiling, “You wouldn’t happen to be growing a third arm or something, would you?” She was completely lost but shook her head. “Then there is nothing with you, but even then, you would be perfect to me,” he smiled down at her. She looked up and they met eyes. They laughed together and he gave her a tight squeeze. He looked down at her legs. Anger rose in his chest again. “Are you alright? That looks painful.” Red patched and blisters coated the outer layer of her skin. “It hurts a little, but I think I’ll be fine,” she was obviously lying to avoid worrying him; however, that didn’t work out so well when she yelled in pain as he helped her up from the floor. “I think we should get that looked at,” Niall slightly gritted his teeth. He couldn’t bear to see her hurt.  They walked out to find the boys and Paul standing outside the bathroom door. “Paul,” Niall started, “I think she needs to go to the hospital.” He gestured toward her legs. All eyes were now on the red patches on her legs. She blushed out of embarrassment. “I think you’re right,” Paul answered back, “let’s go .” Rebecca didn’t protest because honestly, she was a little afraid of arguing with Paul. On their way to the hospital, Niall never let go of Rebecca’s hand. He wanted to feel her hand in his. He couldn’t let go even if he wanted to, which he didn’t.   Rebecca They arrived at the hospital. Harry and Zayn went to the information desk, and the nurse gestured for Rebecca. She said that only two people could accompany her. Niall never left her side, and Harry tagged along as well. They were led to a small room with as much imagination as a piece of string. The doctor, however, was the exact opposite. While he was talking to them about the severity of her burns, her phone started to ring. “It’s my dad…” she was terrified to answer it. “Well go ahead and answer it. I’ll be back with your prescription,” the doctor left. She stared at the phone; the ringing was piercing her ears. How in the world could she tell her father she was in the hospital? “Hello?” She whispered. “Hey. We are back at the hotel. Where are you?” Her dad’s deep voice rang through the phone. “Oh…uh…” “What’s going on?” There was an urgency in his voice now. “Well…I’m at…the uh….the hospital…” “THE WHAT?!?! WHERE?! WHY? HOW?” “I’m at Sibley Memorial , but-“ “I’M COMING!” The phone cut off and she sighed. “What did he say?” Niall asked. “Well, he’s on his way, and he’s paranoid.” Niall’s face turned paler than it was before, “Oh. I think he’ll understand…” His eyes widened with fear. After about 15 minutes, the door swung open; her dad was standing in the doorway, out of breath. “What….ha-…happened…” “Remember when I told you I was going out for breakfast?” Rebecca asked. He nodded. “Well, I went with them,” she gestured towards Harry and Niall, “and a waitress spilled coffee on me…” Her dad straightened up and looked at Niall and Harry. “I’m Niall, sir,” Niall shook. “Harry,” Harry said. A sinister grin appeared on her father’s face. He very well knew who these boys were. Meanwhile, her sister showed up beside her dad with a popcorn bucket in her hands. Her eyes widened and she froze. “Niall? Rebecca, isn’t that the boy you have a ton of pictures of on your phone?” her dad was now tormenting her. “Yes, Daddy…” she turned scarlet and gritted her teeth. “And plastered on your walls with that one,” he pointed at Harry, “and the guys in the waiting room?” “Yes, Daddy,” She answered once again. She could hear Harry laughing behind her, his deep, bass voice rumbling from his stomach. She looked at her sister; she almost choked on her popcorn.  


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