I Will Try To Fix You

Rebecca is a shy, soft spoken girl with cheeks that are prone to getting tomato red. She is very insecure not only about her appearance, but also what other people say about her. While she is staying in Washington D.C for two weeks, she unexpectedly meets someone that can help her realize how beautiful she really is. He may be the only one that can fix her. (A One Direction fan fiction).


1. Candy, Clownfish, and Breakfast


Rebecca heard the hotel room door silently click as she closed it. She didn't want to make a peep. Of course, sneaking out at three in the morning probably wasn't the best idea, and neither was waking up her dad or her sister. She quietly made her way across the hall towards the elevators. She approached the big metal contraption and pressed the desired button.

"Crap! I only have a dollar! I need fifty more cents!"

She hastily chekced her pants for more money, but just her luck, girl's pajamas didn't have pockets.

"Well, there goes my Kit Kat bar..."

She had been craving one ever since the commercial on television, and now the stupid vending machine wouldn't grant her wish. She leaned her head against the glass, fogging it up with her aggrivated breath.


She turned on her heel to go back to her room.


She looked up from the ground with blurry vision, rubbing her head. This might have been because she practically head butted the person standing behind her. 

"Sorry about that! I'm so sorry!"

She heard a soft ringing voice buzz in her ears.

She replied, "It's ok. It's my fault."

It spoke again, "Here, let me help you up."

She was finally able to make out two solid feet standing in front of her instead of four. She tilted her head up and saw a beautiful pale face with aquamarine eyes and a charming smile. He was holding his hand out to help her up with his gray sleeve slightly longer his arm.  

"Well," he asked,"do you wanna get up, or are you just going to camp out here?"

She quickly took his hand and lifted herself up. That's when she noticed his whispy blonde hair. It was a total mess, but that was probably from sleeping. She felt her cheeks grow hotter and redder. Now she felt embarassed becasue she probably didn't look any better. Her hair was probably all over the place, and oversized plaid pajamas and a huge t-shirt weren't ideal when meeting a cute boy, especially if that shirt had a Twinkie on it. She just stood there, staring at the boy less than five feet away from where she was standing. She thought she was dreaming for a mintue. She was proven totally wrong when she decided to pinch herself in the arm. He looked at her, completely confused.

"You ok?" he asked her. 

She felt chills as he spoke. He had an accent. Scottish? English? No. It was cute little Irish accent, and the simple voice inflections were enough to give her goosebumps. She looked at the angelic face that was making the butterfly inducing voice. That's when she noticed chocolate all over his mouth. She grinned a little and pointed to the sloppy chocolate beard.

"You got a little somethin'....."

He looked confused, then touched his chin.

"Oh! Well that's embarassing!" He quickly wiped off the chocolate with his oversized sleeve. "So...what are you doing here at three a.m.?"

"Well why are YOU here? Shouldn't you be sleeping or something?" She was a little annoyed. Then she felt guilt. She knew how grumpy she was when she was tired, and she didn't want to subject him to her face-eating monster of sleepiness.

He was a little taken aback by her comment.

"Sorry," she apologized, "the vending machine took my money. Turns out a everything costs a dollar fifty...even my kit kat bar..."  

He looked disappointed and imitated a whiny five year old," Really?! Ugh. I'm sooo hungry though! I don't have enough money for that..."

She chuckled.

"What?" He asked, confused.

They took a quick glance at each other and started to laugh. She soon caught herself and looked down at the red arguile carpet lining the floors of the hotel. Her cheeks were growing hotter and redder by the second. If they got any hotter, her freckles might disappear.

"Hey, why don't you come back to my room. I'll give you some money for your Kit Kat bar," he quietly proposed.

She looked up at him. He was smiling back, showing straight pearly white teeth with metal brackets adorning each one. The braces made him even more adorable than he already was, so she couldn't resist the offer.

"S-sure," she stuttered badly when she was around boys. It was quite funny actually. She hated it, but thought it was pretty amusing. That's why she could never talk to boys, though. She was embarassed of herself. She never realy had the confidence to approach a boy on her own.

 They walked back to his room together. She kept her head down the whole way just to make sure he couldn't see how rosy her cheeks were continuing to get. They arrived at a white painted door addressed "324". He felt around his pockets.

"I..I forgot the key, great..."he complained. He knocked rather hard on the door.

"GUYS! I NEED MORE MONEY FOR THE VENDING MACHINE!" he yelled urgently. The door swung open in front of them.

"Jesus, Niall! Do you want to wake uo the whole-Oh! you've got a friend!"

Rebecca looked at the tan-skinned dark-haired boy in front of her. He had amazing cheekbones and mysterious eyes. His hazel irises looked back at her examining the image. He smiled.

"How are you, love?" he asked. Yep. Definitely British.

She didn't say anything. She turned her head to the floor again. He smiled at her, tuned around, and loudly whispered,"Hey guys! Niall's back, and he has a friend!"

They all walked deeper into the room. It was extravagant with creme colored walls and bright red bed spreads that were now all sprawled out, and there were three other boys camped around different corners of the room with wrappers everywhere. They all turned their attention away from the thirty inch flatscreen on the wall of their room to greet Niall, Zayn, and Rebecca with smiles.

"Niall! Did you bring back food?" She heard a deep husky voice.

Another British one? Was she dreaming? This one was lighter skinned with curly messy dark brown hair and beautiful emerald eyes. He slightly resembled Mick Jagger, but was much better looking.

"Hey!" he looked towards Rebecca,"nice shirt! I love Twinkies!" He smiled showing two dimples as deep a craters.

Niall replied, "No food! I found a person though! Just don't eat her."

"No promises!!" Yet again, another British boy, but this one had a higher pitched voice. He had sea foam green eyes, a cute smile, and mousy brown hair.

Niall announced, "Everyone, this is.....uh.....what's your name again?"

"Niall! You meet a girl and don't even bother to get her name? Well, mine is Louis!" He said throwing his arms in the air.

"Harry," said the green eyed one, his deep voice rumbling through his chest.

"Zen," said the tan one. He had a thick accent, so she looked a little puzzeled.

"He means Zayn," said a boy with a soft silky voice,"and I'm Liam." He had golden brown hair and innocent looking chocolate brown eyes. She couldn't help but notice a cute little birthmark on his neck.  

"And your name is....." urged Louis with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

"Um...Rebecca," she shyly said.

"It's very nice to meet you, Rebecca," Liam smiled at her.

She smiled back but was struck by a realization. It can't be, she thought to herself. She looked a little confused and, again, thought hard to herself.

Niall...Louis...Harry...Zayn...and Liam? Where-? It struck her.

"You alright, babe?" Liam looked a little worried.

"One-One..." she babbled.

"Direction?" Harry finished her thought, "yeah, that's us. Don't scream though. I don't think the neighbors will appreciate it."

Wow. She suddenly started to feel hot not only in her cheeks, but also her whole body. She was engulfed in a hair raising temperature spike.

"I'm guessing you're a fan?" Liam asked.

She quietly nodded her head.

"Well it's always nice to meet a fan at three in the morning!" Louis yelled in sarcasm.

Meanwhile, Niall was rummaging through his wallet that was sitting on the table adjacent to them. 

"Here," he handed over some money," now you can get you're Kit Kat bar." He smiled at her with his beautifully straight teeth, and seemed to be admiring her while he handed over the money. She looked at him, then down at his hand.

"You don't have to do that..." she blushed again but managed to get the words out.

"I insist,"he grinned at her, then turned to face the boys,"now that I have the money, what'ya guys want?"

An eruption of requests filled every crack in that room. "Doritos! Hershey bar! Oreos! COOOOKKKIIEESS! Three Musketeers!" The orders just came piling in with high calories and insane fat content. Over all the yelling, she looked towards the television and quietly watched the movie that was currently playing. They didn't notice her until she started giggling.

"What'ya laughin' at, love?" Zayn asked.

She turned towards them and realized that they were all looking at her with bright smiling faces. She grew hot again.

"Oh...um...nothing...Just the movie...it's...uh...my favorite." She quietly said, almost in a whisper. She turned back to the blue screen with clownfish swimming across the sides. Finding Nemo was her favorite movie of all time, and if that wasn't enough to make her stomach feel weightless, one of her favorite bands was now watching it from the comfort of their own hotel room. 

"Oh! We all love this movie," Liam chuckled. Then Louis proceeded to reenact the "whale" scene.

"OOOOooooooo-EEEEEoooooeeeeeOOOOO!!!!!!" Louis screwed up his face in what seemed to be an attempt to add affect to the beluga-like sounds coming from his mouth. They , however, sounded more like an "upset stomach".

"Why don't you stay and watch it?" Zayn smiled and snuck a glance at Niall. She looked over too, wondering why he did that. She caught him looking at her and blushing really hard.

"I really can't. I have to go back to my room." She said, a little disappointed.

"Oh. Well maybe another time..."

She half smiled and replied, "Uh. Yeah."

"H-here. Let me walk you back to your room." Niall stuttered. She couldn't help but grin. He stuttered just like she did. It made him completely adorable. She smiled at him and followed him towards the door. They all said their goodbyes, and somehow, Louis got a "later alligator!" in there. She smiled at him, wondering what the heck was wrong with this boy. She laughed at his quirkiness, thinking she'd get a long with him just fine. The door opened, and they were back in the hallway alone.

"Lead the way," he signaled in front of him with his hand. They walked slowly and silently back to the door decorated with black numbers. 309. 

"Here," she held the money out, "I can't take this."

"Keep it..." he smiled at her. She looked down, her cheeks flushing a bright pink color.

"Thanks..." she smiled a little.

"Hey.... I was thinking.....maybe...well....Why don't you come by the room around ten, and we can all go get some breakfast?" He blurted all of the words out in one breath. She could ahrdly keep up, but he sounded hopeful, almost like a a child asking Santa Claus for a Christmas present.

"Um...yeah...sure..." she managed to produce a white-toothed smile, and his ears turned tomato red. 

"Good, I'm glad. Good night, then."


She turned and slipped the key into the door and turned the lock. Rebecca heard the hotel room door silently click as she closed it. She didn't want to make a peep. Of course, sneaking back at three in the morning probably wasn't the best idea and neither was waking up her dad or her sister.

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