Survivors Game

Anne lived in the outskirts of London, poor and orphaned she uses her life's savings on a one way flight to America for a fresh start. But never makes it to her destination, instead shes stranded on a island,with a lost memory and what else? a kidnapper and one direction. One by one the survivors will die until Britain finds the lost citizens and saves them.. who will make it, who will be left behind, who will die? and where will Anne end up? will she get her memory back? Who will she stay with, afterwards?

there WILL be a sequel.


2. Waking up in hell

(Annes POV)

I lie there on the beach alone...almost alone. The air smelled salty and the palms surronded me. I try to lift my head but something in my neck jerks my head back. I look up at the sky. I then hear heavy footsteps running towards me. The last thing i remembered seeing were two beautiful green eyes looking down at me.

(?'s POV)

Im running down the beach yelling to see if anyone was awake, or alive, for that matter. Then, at the corner of my eye, I see somthing trying to move. I turn and see a girl about my age. I run over and kneel next to her hoping shes not dieing. but im not to sure.I pull her into my lap and call the rest of my friends who luckily were sitting in the very back of first class, we were barely scratched others werent so lucky, very few survived so far just me and the boys so i was pretty excited to see this girl. when the boys didnt answer back, i lifted her up into my arms and ran. she seemed to be waking up a little by the time i got to the little makeshift camp we made.

(Annes POV)

I was waken up by the feeling of being josseled around like a rag doll. then there was a sharp pain in my neck, again. i looked up and into the eyes of the one that was carrying me. my eyes widen when i notice theyre the same as the ones i saw before I blacked out.
"Whats happened?" i say groggily. i notice the eyes belong to a boy about my age. "theres been a plane crash, love" he says in the most beautiful voice ive ever heard. " are you alright?" he asks " yeah, and im fine" i say i lift my head to move and the sharp pain in my neck comes back " ow!" i scream i squint mu eyes through the grimace on my face, he looks down at me obviously worried for my health. why was this stranger scared that im hurt? he doesnt know me! why would he care? he start to slow down and lay me on a piece of cloth laid onto the ground. i look up and see four new pairs of eyes staring down at me. " Umm, am i supposed to be seeing five pairs of eyes?" i say , hoping im not losing my sight " dont you know who we are?" the one who carried me says." umm, sorry no i dont" i say with an embarrased smile. the faces that own all the eyes i saw start to exchange expressions. the five people huddle together and start to murmer . " excuse me, but am i supposed to know you?" they all gasp, this was getting me angry, was i supposed to know them? oh my god what if theyre family or something and i lost my memory?! ok quiz yourself.... what is my name? easy anne. what are you? a human. am i a girl or boy? Girl. last questions... how did you get here? ummm i dont know, other than a plane crash according to that boy. okay calm down anne, just ask your self, what happened yesterday? uhhhh..... i dont know . dang it! i did forget! jeez i should ask "uhh i think i lost some memory, i dont remember anything before today, are you guys family or friends or something?" they walk over to where I was still laying on the cloth on the ground. they kneel next to me. the one that carried me leans in and observes my face. I blush at his intense stare. he backs off a little, and says" nah were just, uhh we umm are good friends" i smile, at least my friends are okay, right? the guy who carried me goes on" and you dont remember anything?" i look up and answer "yeah sorry", he listens then his face lights up like he has an answer. " didnt you say your upper neck hurts when you move your head?"he asks, i nod. then he whispers something to the rest of the boys, they look at me and the blonde one starts" my name is niall, the one who looks serious is Zayn, the one with the suspenders is louis, the one with the birthmark on his neck is liam, and the one with the curls is the one who carried and found you, hes,harry" harry gives a big grin, awww how cute! no wonder hes my friend hes adorable. zayn and liam whisper something to the boys and they give worried looks to me. harry gives them a look and we can tell hes going to stay. aww how sweet, wait why were the others worried? oh god whats happening now? are they going to eat me? crap i knew it! " whats going on?" i say. harry looks at me at almost cries, while liam looks at the back of my neck and zayn whispers something in harrys ear. zayn finishes what hes saying and harry grabs my hand and tells me" its all going to be fine,love" i furrow my brow. liam looks at me and says" uhh love i forgot your name could you remind me?" oh yeah, something i remember!" yeah sure its Anne, i dont really remember my last name" liam smiles and nods " its all right, love . the first is all i need to remember" zayn nods" alright anne, we need to remove a big piece of metal thats lodged in your brain stem, we dont have pain killer though but the removal is done or fatal, sorry anne, i truly am. its just lodged really deep if its in to long it could paralyze you and then eventually you would die" i start to cry a little, but i try to keep strong" okay just do it as fast as you can"i say, liam nods and runs with zayn to the ocean where they rinse theyre hands of dirt and blood. I look over to my left where harry is sitting, he gives my hands a little squeeze and says" itll be fine, i promise" he nods in reassurement but its not working, im still really scared. Liam comes back with Zayn and they announce theyre about to start,liam rolls me over and now im facing harry, I whimper.he looks up and says" wait a sec, guys" liam and zayn sit back a bit. harry pick me up into his lap then rolls me so liam and zayn can work harry then tells me"wrap your arms around me, love and squeeze if you want" harry smiles at me then nods liam and zayn to start and i feel something reach into my neck and i scream my heart out and practically squeeze harrys guts strait out of him.
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