Survivors Game

Anne lived in the outskirts of London, poor and orphaned she uses her life's savings on a one way flight to America for a fresh start. But never makes it to her destination, instead shes stranded on a island,with a lost memory and what else? a kidnapper and one direction. One by one the survivors will die until Britain finds the lost citizens and saves them.. who will make it, who will be left behind, who will die? and where will Anne end up? will she get her memory back? Who will she stay with, afterwards?

there WILL be a sequel.


8. Torture Tactics


 (JRs POV) 

me and kitty run through the forest for hours on end stopping only for water or the occasional animal kitty catches; which we share for our meals. 


one day we come up to a rather large hill, but still smaller than a mountain. however, taller than the tree line. 

I look out over the island; and maybe three miles away I can see my old camp, where I stayed with my father and penny and anne and zayn and harry and the other lads. but maybe a quarter mile away there was a smoke stack. I dig my heel into kittys side, and kitty runs toward the smoked area. thirty minutes later I come upon a makeshift camp.  My eyes open in surprise and fear, a gasp escapes my lips and she see's me.

(Anne's POV) 

I'm tide up and i suddenly hear heavy footsteps that sound wickedly similar to Kitty's. I hear a small gasp, i turn my head and there's kitty and JR on its back. I smile so wide, JR hops off kitty and tip toes over to me, unties my hands and then my feet, then her takes the cloth out of my mouth. 

"JUNIOR!! Moose walked down to the creek for water.JR, You have no idea, how excited i am to see you! Look how big you are!" no i'm serious he was a little last i saw him now he looks well adapted to the environment, a young strapping young man, indeed. "lets go." he whispers. I nods and I feel something hit my head and i get dizzy. "JR?" I ask; he turns just in time to catch me. im thrown onto kitty and JR hops on and holds me still. 

Last thing I remember is falling onto the beach.

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