Survivors Game

Anne lived in the outskirts of London, poor and orphaned she uses her life's savings on a one way flight to America for a fresh start. But never makes it to her destination, instead shes stranded on a island,with a lost memory and what else? a kidnapper and one direction. One by one the survivors will die until Britain finds the lost citizens and saves them.. who will make it, who will be left behind, who will die? and where will Anne end up? will she get her memory back? Who will she stay with, afterwards?

there WILL be a sequel.


4. The Hunter, and the Hunted

( annes POV)
i take niall out the day after the plane search. he started begging for meat so i said" niall, if you want meat you need to go out and hunt." he then says"I dont know how!" then i say" ill teach you!"
so here we are walking around the island.were walking and i suddenly whisper " FREEZE" and we do I hear a snap and my instinct as a hunter is run up a tree, but what abou niall? i look around and see a tree even a fish could climb, it had low branches and lots of them and it was super tall. i motion to the tree and we get to it and climb up as far as we could in a minute and look dow what i see i dont even know how to explain. it was a bear/ tiger/ lion thingand it obviously ate meat by the way his teeth were made. i turn and see niall trying to hold in a scream. i climb up to where he is and hug him tight. his body relaxes a little. so i let go, bur he doesnt i look up and see hes in pain, i look down to see the tigerlionbear thing has stuck a claw into his ankle. i punch it in the nose and he basically slaps me, my face turns red and i rip the animals claw out of niall. who falls. i jump onto the animals back and pull so
e rope out and stick it in its mouth like a harness in seconds. I stab it in the hind quarters with the butt of my bow & it flings its self at the ground just intime to catch niall. i sit him behind me and laugh i hit the animal, with my bow again snd we start heading to camp. when we arrive. the whole group stops moving, and stares i drop niall off next to liam. and trot next to harry who is gaping at the animal and me.moose i guess thinks its awkward and walks up in front of harry and makes small talk" so, what do you call IT?" expressing it." Its a bear/ tiger/ Lion thing and i call it kitty, like IT?" mocking the way he expressed IT. when i say this he laughs." What does it eat?, carrots?" louis stand up and looks around like a meerkat thing at the word CARROT " IT eats YOU" i say laughing.
( Harrys POV)
moose totally just stole my moment with anne and kitty. ugh! i stomp off.
( Mooses POV)
haha i have anne in the palm of my hand and harry is so jealous hehe. anne thinks nothing shell see though, by then shell want it though, it wont be forced itll be like the wind.... easy breazy haha
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