Survivors Game

Anne lived in the outskirts of London, poor and orphaned she uses her life's savings on a one way flight to America for a fresh start. But never makes it to her destination, instead shes stranded on a island,with a lost memory and what else? a kidnapper and one direction. One by one the survivors will die until Britain finds the lost citizens and saves them.. who will make it, who will be left behind, who will die? and where will Anne end up? will she get her memory back? Who will she stay with, afterwards?

there WILL be a sequel.


3. Bloody Beach

(Harrys POV)
Liam reached into her woundand she started to scream I grabbed her tight and I turned my face , beacause i cant stand to look at her. then she stops and i quickly turn my head to look at her and her eyes are closed " Oh my god liam you killed her!" I yell. he looks scared, when i tell him ill beat him with a spoon, if shes dead. he faints but his hand is still clenched around the metal thing in her neck, and as he falls backward as he does the metal thing goes with him. and its out. zayn takes over and stiches her neck closed. We lie her down.

Annes out for Three Days

one morning we wake up to the sound of crackleing noises all four of us seem to walk out of our parachute tents at the same time , scratching our heads yawning , you know etc.
we walk to the center of camp and see liam is sitting next to anne whos cooking eggs on a stone thats sitting on a fire( shrek flashback) liam sees me approaching and sticks out his tongue, oh liam. i move on and try to star a little smal talk" so your not dead?" i say with a cheeky smirk, anne looks over at me and laughs, wow, she has a really pretty laugh." no, im not dead, i woke up for like two seconds yesterday then i passed out again, but i feel great!"
awwe shes so cute when shes half dead and half asleep!
after breakfast we decide to go out in three groups of two to scout for supplies and any survivors i mightve missed the day i found anne.what a lucky discovery!
the groups are group one me and anne
group two niall and zayny
group three liam and louis
group three, checked right side of the beach, group two checked the left.
Group one, me and anne, searched the middle of the island.
when we find the airplane, me and anne walk inside to see bodies every where. we immediatleystart checking pulses. harry found a girl about my age named penny she has big brown eyes like mine a small spray tan and beach wave blonde hair.
i find a guy about twenty seven or so named moose with blue eyes and light brown hair. he has a deep cut on his hand. but nothing compared to my wound and certainly nothing liam and zayn cant handle.
we grab some stuff we can use , like the oxygen masks and wallets, books, necklaces, food, water, suitcases and hats, everything. we walk out and set fire to the plane, dead or not we tried.we turn around to see the horror scene we missed walking in . bodies everywhere, some with limbs some without any, some with heads some without. bodies lieing in thyre own urine and blood will never get a proper burial. fingers splattered onto trees, dead bodies cut in half, bodies stabbed through the middle with the planes propellars. bodies of children lieing up against trees and some wrapped around a parents cold dead arms. I see anne try and holb ack tears when she picks up the corpse of a baby girl, her mothers fingers wrapped around the baby, the fathers hugging both.
we get back to camp and liam and louis's groupfound a girl a dog. zayn and niall found a father and child and a rock that looked like it had eyes. i roll my eyes, idiots. we make a dinner of airline biscoff and mangos. around a fire moose made, good thing too, the nights are cold the days are hot. we decide we should each introduce ourselves after niall, harry , zayn , louis and liam went i went then it was moose then penny then the other girl with green eyes and red hair went" im beth" then, the father went who had dirty blonde hair like his sons with blue eyes like his son. " im mark" then his son went" im jr and this is scamp!" we talked a little then went to sleep.
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