Survivors Game

Anne lived in the outskirts of London, poor and orphaned she uses her life's savings on a one way flight to America for a fresh start. But never makes it to her destination, instead shes stranded on a island,with a lost memory and what else? a kidnapper and one direction. One by one the survivors will die until Britain finds the lost citizens and saves them.. who will make it, who will be left behind, who will die? and where will Anne end up? will she get her memory back? Who will she stay with, afterwards?

there WILL be a sequel.


7. A funeral prep and an bloody death.

Penny had died; and at a young age at that. Zayns heart was in shards. The whole group was there, their hands starting to bleed from picking up so many pieces of poor Zayns heart every one of them with gorilla glue trying to put all the pieces back, but they ever seemed to stay.

(John's POV) Harry and Louis were gone scouting the woods for Moose and Anne, Zayn was digging penny's open grave for her funeral, with his bare hands.. bless his little heart. Every one else was still asleep. Except for me and Jr. We were tired of staying here doing absolutely NOTHING. We are going to go look for help, food, civilization. We mad about thirty feet before Jr. passed out on the sand. I scooped him up into my arms and walked, past lush ferns twice as tall as me, past vines i could've sworn blinked at me. and finally just as sunset was setting in, we made it to a cave thing. i put jr. down about twenty feet from the entrance. i walkead inside and it turned out it wasnt actually a cave but a rock bowl of sorts. it had rock walls like a corral, but the top was open. in the spaces between the rocks was a thick cluster of bamboo and palms. i started a fire with some twigs and leaves. about thrity minutes later there was sounds starting to come from the woods and tree clusters. every once in a while a tree would sway out of no where. but when i went to look at the tree, another tree across the rock corral would sway, then if i went to check that tree, another tree would sway. soon the growls and grunts came. it was JUST like the trees, at one pointit would be at one one side of the trees, then it would be at a different part. soon it was getting louder, and then i couldnt even tell where it was coming from any more, the sounds were bouncing off the rock walls. soon out of nowhere there it was. Kitty. Blood all over its muzzle, a wild and hungry fire burning in his eyes. then it started circling me. 


suddenly i woke up from the sound of a masculine scream coming from a cave thing about twenty feet from me. i could tell it was my dad, screaming. that wasnt the only sound either. There was a loud growling. and then suddenly my dads screaming died down. so did the growling, but it only changed into a loud eating noise. suddenly bodliy organs were flying out of the cave. i heard a noisy slap noise of something slimy landing next to me. i turned and saw a beating heart next to me on the ground. i jerked my head back to the cave thing. and right in front of it stood kitty. he wasnt the kind little animal from camp though. he had gone back to his wild self. a finger was stuck in its mane. i shuttered. kitty was looking at me now. he started growling so i stood up. i had to think quick if i didnt want to end up like my father. i picked up my fathers heart. the one that had fell next to me. i walked slowly up to kitty and fed him the heart, he sniffed first then picked it up then threw it over his head with its tongue then caught it and ate it. i got closer then sroked his mane. he nudged my side, so i assumed he was okay with me so i jumped on his back. i grabbed a handful of his hair then he jumped right into the rainforest. me...on his back.


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