Survivors Game

Anne lived in the outskirts of London, poor and orphaned she uses her life's savings on a one way flight to America for a fresh start. But never makes it to her destination, instead shes stranded on a island,with a lost memory and what else? a kidnapper and one direction. One by one the survivors will die until Britain finds the lost citizens and saves them.. who will make it, who will be left behind, who will die? and where will Anne end up? will she get her memory back? Who will she stay with, afterwards?

there WILL be a sequel.


6. A final effort.

(Penny's POV) Moose chuckles. " Maybe, I wont." Oh my god! He's COMPLETELY lost it!! I think to myself. I can see Anne is struggling to break free from Mooses grip."Ok, Moose lets all just calm down, Alright? We can set down Anne Okaay?..... Moose, come on just drop her!" I try to calm Moose, but am taken back when I suddenly see a fist smash into my temple. I let out a small yelp. I saw my vision clouding up and I faintly saw Moose snickering at me then carrying a screaming Anne into the jungle. I of course, didn't want to die knowing I didn't at least try to save her; so Anne's been teaching me how to handle Kitty, and one of its commands is for when she and it go hunting called " chase", which sends Kitty after anything running. Kitty was asleep a couple yards away so I yelled chase to it. The last thing I see is Kitty Jump to its feet, sense Moose running and take a sprint after him.
(Liam's POV)
" Zayn!" Zayn snaps his look at me, follows my arm down to where I'm pointing to see Penny dead, lying in her own puddle of blood. Zayn, having grown a small likeing to Penny, looks angry and devastated. "Penny!" He screams. Zayn runs to her side. "Penny! I'm serious! Wake up! Don't die Penny! I-I I love you..." He lays his forehead on her small flat stomach and cries till he passes out.
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