Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


12. The Unexpected Moment

[Megan's P.O.V]

I was released from hospital the next day. I was quite relieved actually, because I wanted to get out of there so badly. I wanted to regain my 'memory' as soon as I could. Louis led me outside, into a bright environment. I took a big deep breath of fresh air. How much did I forget? Surely not the necessities of life!

  "Come on, time to go home."

  I gave Louis a serious glare.

  "Okay, okay...five more minutes," he chuckled.

  I felt the soft leaves of trees, but...they were grey. The dewy grass...it was purple!

  "Louis, why are the leaves grey?" I wondered.

  "Oh! Well...uh...you see, you have these things called 'Colour Moments', which is when you imagine different things to be something they're not."

  "Oh." Was all I said.

  "Can you tell me other stuff about me? I might remember a few..."

  "Hmm...well, you're Megan, you're 18, from New Zealand, you have 6 friends, me, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and Ellain, who is your best friend. You have Colour Moments sometimes. You are pretty shy, but you're really sweet..."

  I just looked at him eagerly. He seemed to know a lot...

  "...and me and the lads have come here on a student exchange trip with your school!"

  I shook my head out of my trance.

  "Wait...you're that guy from One Direction, right?" I exclaimed.

  "Uhhh, yeah! You remember now?" he asked.

  "Well, kind of...in all honesty, I hated you guys. But, only because I thought you always relied on the fame, like nothing else mattered. Until now. You've changed my opinion about you guys. I mean, look, you're right here helping me out!"

  He gave me a look of something between a glare and a frown.

  "I had absolutely no idea. So, Ellain hates us, too?"

  "What?! No! I just meant-"

  "Look, don't worry about it..."

  Then, he got into his car and drove off.

  "Lou! Louis!" I yelled. But he was gone.

  What have I done?! I've just possibly ruined everything. Ellain and NIall's relationship, me and the boys' friendship. They'll hate both of us now! I sat down on the side of the road and bawled my eyes out.

  "Hey! What's wrong?!"

  I looked up. It was Liam. I just kept on crying. When Louis tells him what happened, he'll hate me for sure.

  "Please stop crying! Please, I hate it when people cry! It makes me cry!" he pretended to wipe a tear from his face.

  This made me giggle. I wiped my eyes with the tissue Liam handed to me.

  "Well, Lou and I just came out of the hospital, he was supposed to take me back home. But then I said something I probably shouldn't have said." I sobbed.

  "Are you going to tell me?" he wondered.

  "It's best if I don't..."

  "Aw, I'm sure it's not that bad!"

  I took a deep breath and I told him everything. I couldn't stop myself. I told him about my [past] hatred for the band, about everything I thought of them.

  "But please don't hate me! That was before you came to school and I got to know you guys better!" I said.

  "It's ok!" Liam assured me. "I understand. Everyone has their own opinions. But you don't hate us now, right?" he asked with a chuckle.

  "Of course not," I smiled.

  "That's good," he said.

  We both stared at each other. He started to lean in. He seemed so sweet, so genuine...

  My phone vibrated; I got a message.

  "Oh! Um, I'd better go. My mum would probably want to see me," I said, flustered.

  "Sure! I'll probably see you at school."

  "Yeah, ok."

  I walked off. I didn't even say bye. What would Louis think? Hold up. Oh yeah! He hates me. But Liam seems so sweet...


A/N OMG GUYS I'm so sorry I haven't updated in aagggeeesss I've just been sooo busy plus I went on holiday! But here it is finally! Yey! ;D xxxxxx




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