Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


4. The Sleepover

Ellain and I decided to have a sleepover. She wanted to discuss my 'behaviour' towards the boys...

  "Look, Megan. They're not so bad! Don't be so mean! But omgomgomg Niall. He. Talked. To. Me," Ellain said, as she fluffed her pillows.

  I had to stiffle a giggle because of the way Ellain was now fangirling so bad.

  "Yeah, but...I mean, I'm sure they're alright. First impressions, you know? I admit, they're pretty hot...OK, really, really gorgeous! But it's just that...they're famous, and I'm getting the impression that they want the attention," I explained.

  "OK, how about tomorrow, try to be nicer! Introduce yourself! But still, omgomgomgomg I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

  I laughed, "Hey, did Niall mention anything about the rest of the boys?"

  "Yeah, they're in different classes. It's just Niall and Louis in our class."

  "Oh, great..." I went into a trance.

  My mind started to play up. Ellain's curtains turned from purple to orange. Her wardrobe turned from brown to pink. People think it's weird, but I love it. It makes me see the world in a different way. I could hear a distant voice...

  "Megan...Megs?? Megan! Hello? Are you ok?" It was Ellain.

  "Oh! Yeah, I just had a Colour Moment." We call them my 'Colour Moments'.

  "Oh dear! You sure you're ok?" she was always worried about me.

  "Yes! I'm ok!" I said with a smile.

  "Hey, how about we watch a movie? I'll go get the popcorn, you choose a movie," Ellain suggested.

  "OK sure," I muttered as I started to search through her large stack of DVDs.

  She came back with the popcorn, just as I chose 'The Hunger Games'.

  "Not again!" she said sarcastically.

  I laughed and put the DVD on. After a while, Ellain's mobile started to vibrate.

  "What...?" she mumbled.

  The caller ID said 'My hubbie'.

  "Ellain! You got Niall's number, didn't you?" I asked accusingly.

  She gave me an 'Yes-I-did-and-I'm-glad' stare. I just rolled my eyes at her. Obsessive little girl. She started having this very giggly conversation, so I went into the kitchen and got myself a hot chocolate. When I came back, she was just sitting there, with her phone next to her on her bed.

  "Er, what happened?" I questioned warily.

  "He...he asked me out." She was starstruck. I could tell. She was never this quiet.

  "He what? Really?! Wow! OMG Ellain! You must be so happy!"

  "Yeah! OMGOMGOMG!"

  She started doing this crazy happy dance around the room. Wow! Niall Horan is taking my BFF out! Woah. You don't hear about that every day.

  "Well, it's 1:26am, I think we should go to sleep. We've got school tomorrow!" I told her.

  "Oh yeah! Aaahhh I can't wait!" she replied.

  Then, the room was silent.

A/N hope you likeeyyy so far :D tell me what you think x

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