Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


3. The New Kids

"Class, this is Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan! They're here for a student exchange trip," Miss Jacobs introduced them, as they walked in.

   The whole room erupted in squeals and very, very loud chatter. Why?! Why is everyone so obsessed? Besides, it was only 2 of them. Me, personally, I really don't like One Direction. Unfortunately, Ellain is extremely over-obsessed with them. So everyday, I get the same, 'OMG! Did you know Zayn's dating this girl? OMG!' ERGH! Right now, Ellain is just overwhelmed (pun intended) with emotions.

  "Hey," Niall said in his Irish accent.

  "Hi!!" Louis shouted. Wow. He was loud.

  All the girls started begging them to sit next to them, but...

  "Niall, you can sit next to Ellain over there. Louis, there's a free seat next to Megan."

  NO! WHY?!

  Ellain was completely speechless; I looked at her quickly before Louis sat down.

  "Hi! I'm Lo-" he started.

  But I cut him off, "I know who you are..." I grumbled.

  He suddenly went quiet. Great. I always tend to make bad impressions.

A/N haaaay hope you like the story so faaaar! :) P.S plz dont really think i hate 1D ;) Sorry it's really really short! :P

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