Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


13. The Mob

[Niall's P.O.V]

  Food...food...ah! FOOD! I spotted a little bakery as I was walking through town. I went inside and bought a chicken roll, a donut, a sausage roll, a mince pie, a cupcake and a bottle of Coke. I walked out carrying all that stuff and getting strange glances from other people.

  "I'm hungry, ok?!" I yelled.

  I started to munch on my mince pie when I suddenly saw Liam looking at the ground walking towards me.

  "Liam! LIAM!" I called, though a mouthful of pie.

  Liam looked up at me. He looked pretty sad, but then his face lit up.

  "Niall! How are you? You;ve got a lot of food there!" he laughed, "do you need some help?"

  "Nah, I'm okay. But, why are you sad?"

  "Sad? Oh..." his voice trailed off.

  "What?" I questioned.

  "Well...how about we sit down, Niall?"

  "Good thinking! This food is heavy..."

  Liam laughed as we both sat down on a bench by the local park.

  "It's Megan," he blurted out.

  I nearly fell off the bench. I thought this over a few times before I said, "WHAT?! Woah! I did NOT expect that!"

  "Yeah well, you see-"

  But he was cut off immediately by the sound of screaming girls.




  Suddenly, a huge bunch of girls came running up to us.

  "Agghhhhh! MY FOOD!" I shouted, as I was being squished by all the fans.

  "Niall! It's ok! Just wait a second. CAN YOU ALL MOVE BACK A LITTLE PLEASE? Thank you!" Liam instructed.

  They all quickly shuffled back and stopped screaming. Liam was good at this kind of thing. Everyone listens to him.

  "Ok! Calm down, we'll all sign something and have photos if you like," he said.

  So we both started to sign shirts, shoes, arms and took pictures with some of them.

  "Wish Paul was here," I muttered to Liam.

  He gave a little laugh. Once we finished signing and taking pictures, the girls slowly started to walk away, but a few of them stayed behind.

  "This can't be good," I whispered.

  Then a girl yelled, "GO!" and all the girls that stayed behind started to run at full speed towards us.

  "RUN! RUN NIALL!" Liam yelled.

  "But...food..." I said quietly.


  We both ran. Ran until we couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop laughing though! This was the best feeling! Weaving and out of the streets, dodging lamp posts, cars honking at us. It was insane!

  "Hey, I think we've lost them!" Liam said.

  We slowed down and sure enough, there was not a tell to be heard and we couldn't see anyone who looked like a fangirl.

  "Man, the fans here are crazy!" I said. We both burst out laughing.


A/N HAY Sorry it's a bit short but I LUFF YOU GUYS FOR NEARLY 1000 READS OMG!!! You're all incredible! <3 xxx

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