Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


10. The Kiss

[Ellain's P.O.V]

I got to school, thinking that this day would be the best. I was right. Niall came and greeted me warmly as I entered in.

  "Hey, babe," he said.

  "Hi!" I replied.

  He scooped me up in a big hug. I snuggled in his blond hair, which smelled like vanilla.

  "How have you been?"

  "Great! And you?"

  "I'm good, but being without you is hard." He made this extremely adorable puppy-dog face.

  "Awww," I cooed, "Well aren't you just the sweetest thing." I felt like I was talking to a 2-year-old.

  Suddenly, a yelling maniac came scampering towards us.

  "HELLO!" shouted Louis.

  "Hey Lou, why are you shouting...?" Niall questioned.

  "Oh, heh, sorry." He blushed.

  Surprisingly, he was followed by Zayn, Liam and Harry.

  "Hi!" said Harry, as he shook hands with me, "so, basically...I'm Harry, and you must be Ellain!"

  "Heh, yup that would be me."

  "Nice to meet you! I think you've met Liam already? And this is Zayn." He gestured to Zayn.

  "Hey," mumbled Zayn.

  Suddenly, Louis looked up. "There she is!"

  We all looked at where Louis was staring. Megan had just entered.

  "Oh, Lou! You're lovestruck!" exclaimed Niall.

  "What?! No!"

  "Of course you are!"

  "Hey guys," Megan spoke.

  "Hellooo," I said.

  "Hi! You're Megan, right?" asked Harry, "We've heard loads about you." He winked at Lou.

  "Oh! Hi, great to meet you."

  "I'm Zayn," Zayn outstretched his hand.

  "Hey Zayn! Nice to meet you," Megan said, as she shook his hand.

  "Hey Liam, how are you?"

  "Yeah I'm great, thanks," he replied.

  "Sooo...I'm just gonna...go to class...yeah," Megan said, as she walked away, "See you soon!" Then she left. Hm. This is awkward.

  "She's right, we should be going," I stated.

  We all headed in different directions (see what I did there..) off to our classes.

[Megan's P.O.V]

*After school*

I walked with Ellain out of class. I kept telling her I didn't like Louis. At all.

  "Ooooh I'm pretty sure you do!"

  "I don't! Really! What makes you think that?"

  "Oh, you know...you act all shy and stuff around him."

  "Er...no? Um...on the contrary, it's actually the opposite."

  "Hmm sure sure."

  Then, out of nowhere, Lou suddenly came up to me and kissed me. Well, I think it was Lou (he was wearing stripes..). Ellain let out this huge gasp.

  "WHAT WAS THAT, MEGAN?!" Ellain cried out.

  Oh no. No. My head swirled. The ground started to move. I felt hands behind me, trying to support me, then slip away. I hit the ground. Looking up, I saw clouds of pink, fluffy marshmallow. My vision blurred, slowly. Then all I saw was black.

A/N oooh didn't expect that, did you?! ;D Haha hope you're liking it so far! I try to post every second day, don't worry ;) xoxo ily <3

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