Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


18. The Fight

[Zayn's P.O.V]

  Liam and Louis glared at each other. Well, Louis did; Liam looked like a deer caught in headlights. Nobody spoke. I gave a slight cough.

  "Uh, there's no need to be upset -"

  "Zayn, stay out of this," Louis warned. I immediately shut up.

  "I'm just gonna leave..." muttered Liam as he went to open the door.

  "You don't deserve her!" yelled Louis.

  "Says who?" Liam yelled back as he turned to face him.

  "I do!"

  "You can't decide who she wants for her! She can choose who she wants!"

  "But she hates you!" Well this just got awkward.

  "What?" Liam asked quietly.

  "You heard me."

  "She...she hates me?"

  "That's right." All of a sudden, Liam ran at Louis and grabbed him by his shirt. Louis managed to block him just in time. But soon it became a massive fight. There were punches thrown and hard kicks. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to try and break it up in case I got hurt...

  "We're ba- what is going on here?!" Crap. It was Megan!

  Lou and Liam quickly stopped fighting and scrambled to their feet. Louis had a bloody nose and a cut below his lip, while Liam sported a bruise by his chin and a black eye.

  "What the hell happened?!" Megan shouted, as Harry, Ellain and Niall walked through the door behind her. They had looks of utter shock on their faces.

  "Nothing. We're fine," started Louis.

  "No you're not! Can someone please explain what happened?" tears were simmering on her eyelids as she spoke.

  "Well," I said, "We were playing Truth or Dare, until things got a bit out of hand."

  "And you didn't do anything about it?!"

  "I...I...I was going-"

  "I can't believe you two," Megan said, as she faced Louis and Liam, "Fighting. And over what? How am I supposed to know when nobody's talking!"

  "Megan, calm down," said Harry.

  "Don't you dare tell me to calm down. Look at the state of them! Ridiculous. I'm going home, I'm feeling lightheaded..." And she ran out the door and slammed it shut behind her. 

  "Now look what you've done. You made her upset," accused Louis.

  "I did not! Besides, it's your fault..." but Liam didn't finish. Both of them started to punch each other again.

  "HEY! Can you stop?!" Harry yelled, trying to pull them apart, "Both of you need to calm down and tell us what's wrong. Understand?" Nobody said anything, but exchanged glances at each other.

  "Ok, maybe it's easier if you spoke separately. Niall, you take Liam, and I'll take Louis. Zayn, you need to explain to Ellain exactly what happened, ok?" instructed Harry. They all nodded and Niall went with Liam outside. Harry took Louis into the dining room, and I stayed with Ellain in the Living room.


  [Harry's P.O.V] 

  "This is so childish of you. Why would you fight like that? You know better, you know you do. This is unbeliEllainble. And with Liam of all people! You know he can't handle stuff like that!" I scolded. I sounded like his mum or something.

  "I know. I'm sorry," mumbled Louis to the ground.

  "Now can you please tell me why you were fighting?"

  He took a deep breath. "We were playing Truth or Dare, and Zayn told Liam and I had to say who we were interested in at the same time. We both said Megan." Louis scowled, "Then I told Liam that he didn't deserve her and then we started to argue about her rights...then I told him that she hated him. That's when the fighting started."

  "You...you lied to him? How can you say something like that? Now you've just caused a whole lot of drama. She doesn't hate him!"

  "I know that! But I had nothing else to say did I?"

  "Well, I can't help you out of this one, it's something you need to sort out yourself," I told him as I left the room.

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