Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


5. The Detention

The next day, Ellain and I walked to school together. She seemed pretty casual today. We got to class, and sat in our seats. Niall sat next to Ellain, who immediately started giggling. Louis, however, hesitated to sit next to me.

  "Hey, sorry about yesterday," I apologised, "I'm just not that great and meeting new people."

  "It's OK!" he said, and sat down, "How about I introduce myself properly this time?"

  "OK!" I laughed.

  "Hi! I'm Louis! What's your name?"

  "Hi, Louis! I'm Megan! Nice to meet you!"

  We shook hands very enthusiastically. Hold up. Wait. What? Oh no. I hate 1D. This isn't supposed to happen!

  "So, um, nice shirt," I asked awkwardly.

  "Thanks, I made it myself," he answered.

  There was an awkward silence. Then, Ellain and Niall burst out laughing.

  "What's so funny? You should be finishing off your assigned tasks for today!" Miss Jacobs yelled.

  Ellain went bright red. Niall tried to hide a laugh.

  "Detention! For both of you!"

  "What?" Louis shouted, "you can't do that! They were just talking!"

  "Detention for you as well, Mr Tomlinson."

  I snickered.

  "Shut up," he whispered.

  "Miss Ralston, are you talking to Louis as well?"

  "No! I was just-"

  "Detention for you, too!"

  Wait...What?! Ugh.

  "I will see you all after school today," she growled. She is such a nasty teacher...

  The rest of the lesson was silent.

  After school, I made my way swiftly towards the Detention classroom. Miss Jacobs wasn't there yet. Good. I walked in and found a seat next to Ellain. I guess Niall and Louis weren't here yet, either.

  "Hey," I said, "I can't believe we ALL got detention."

  "Ugh, I know. But, eep, Niall's going to be here!" Ellain squealed. Good for her.

  There was nobody else around, surprisingly. Then, Niall and Louis strolled in. Niall made a beeline to the spare seat on the other side of Ellain, while Louis sat next to me. Again. Oh, the creep.

  "Hey, are we late?" he wondered.

  "Oh yeah! You're really late! Double detention for you!" I exclaimed sarcastically.


  "I'm only kidding..."

  Miss Jacobs stormed in.

  "One, two...there's only 4 of you! Where's the other one?"

  "What other-" Louis started.

  Liam ran into the room.

  "I'm sorry, miss! I had to speak to the principal!" he panted.

  "I don't care! You're late."

  He looked guilty as he slumped into a chair behind me.

  "How did you get detention?" Niall asked.

  "Well, I was correcting the teacher on her grammar skills, but I didn't realise I'd end up getting a detention!" exclaimed Liam.

  "Oooh, naughty Liam!" Louis teased.

  Niall introduced Ellain and I to him, then we turned around to face the whiteboard.   Miss Jacobs' face was of complete anger, but also annoyance. I shuddered. She was just so scary.

[Ellain's P.O.V]

Wow. Can you believe it?! ONE DIRECTION ARE AT MY SCHOOL! Eep! Niall sits next to me! Eep! Louis' in my class! Eep! DETENTION WITH NIALL, LOUIS AND LIAM! O. M. G. I love my life. Deep breath, I need to calm down. Niall asked me out. Omg. Calm, Ellain, calm. OK.

  Sitting in detention was nerve wrecking. It was just so awkward. I desperately wanted to talk to Niall, but I was right in front of Miss Jacobs' desk. Argh. Why did we have to get detention?!

  "Psst, Ellain," Niall whispered.

  "What?" I whispered back.

  "What are you doing on Friday night?"

  "Hmm...nothing, I think, why?"

  "Do you wanna go bowling? Or something?"

  "Yeah! Of course!"

  "Awesome! I'll pick you up at 7?"

  "Ok! Sounds great!"

  Wow. What just happened?

[Megan's P.O.V]

Phew! That was horrible! Just sitting there in silence. Ellain was unusually quiet though.

  "Hey, Ellain, what's up?"

  "Niall asked me to go bowling with him...eep!"

  "Really? Wow! That's really great, Ellain."

  "Yeah!" she squealed, "Um...so you and Louis..."

  "We're not dating. We're not even friends."

  "Oh...it looks like it. I think he likes you, a lot!"

  "What? No. Nooo. No way."

  Louis? From One Direction? Nah. I mean, we've hardly spoken to each other! I don't know how Niall's suddenly dating Ellain, but Louis and I DEFINITELY have nothing going on between us.

A/N sooo whats gonna happen next?! Oooh find out soon! xx keep reading and liking and favouriting and stuff! :D xoxo

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