Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


21. The Club


[Harry's P.O.V]

  It took us quite a while to get to Heathrow Airport. We all grabbed our bags, then headed for a taxi. It was great to be back home, even though the weather was much colder. I couldn't wait to just relax and forget everything...

  "Can we go grab some pints later? Like, maybe go to a bar or go clubbing?" Niall said in his Irish drawl. That was so typical of him. I couldn't help laughing.

  So we did, eventually. It was dark by the time we reached our hotel (luckily it was dark, otherwise we could have been  mobbed). The staff who worked at the counters gazed in awe at us; they obviously recognised us. I saw Zayn purposely walk swaggeringly and had his 'pose face' on. The rest of us went to the lifts as quickly as we could. We were assigned a suite, and I put my hand on one of the brass handles of the big double doors. As I opened it, I heard soft whispers and gasps from everyone behind me.

  It was huge; there was a floor-to-ceiling window straight across from the doors, with a fireplace and lounge suite at the side. To my right, four other sets of doors (must be the bedrooms), and to my left ad a shining kitchen, with marble tabletops and a gleaming dining table surrounded by ornate chairs. 

  I set my bags down next to a plush chair and looked around at everyone. "Well, what do you think?" I asked. I was answered by delightful gasps and cheers.

  "So, is anyone going to answer my question?" Niall wondered. I think everyone was so intrigued by the room, we nearly forgot about his suggestion.

  "Yeah, of course. If we're going to, we should probably leave now," said Liam.

  It was getting really dark now, but we weren't jetlagged, surprisingly. So we all set off for the nearest club. It was really crowded, which was a good thing, so we wouldn't be easily recognised. As we entered in, we heard blasts of dubstep and the walls were vibrating.

  "I'm gonna get a drink," Niall immediately announced. 

  "I'll come, too," Ellain said as she followed Niall.

  Liam went off with them as well, while Zayn headed straight for the middle of the crowd. Now there was myself, Louis and Megan left standing.

  "This is nice," I said awkwardly. Louis shrugged, while Megan agreed silently.


[Zayn's P.O.V]

  The vibe of the club was incredible; this was one of things I missed most about London. The crowd were all having a great time, with the DJ dropping the beats. Slowly, some people stopped dancing and looked behind them. I looked around as well, to see what all the commotion was about. And there, right in the middle of a large group of people, were Liam and Louis hard-out shoving and punching each other. I pushed my way through the throng of people.

  "Get. Away. From. Her," Louis was saying as he kicked Liam. Their strength was immense. This was one of the biggest fights I've ever seen between them. Harry was attempting to stop it, but I could tell he was trying not to get himself hurt. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a petite girl, probably our age, came up front.

  "STOP! STOP IT PLEASE!" she yelled. 

  It all happened so quickly, all I saw was a fist and then the girl fell back. I ran up and caught her just in time. She was limp in my hands, lifeless. The whole room fell silent. All eyes were on all of us now.

  "Somebody call an ambulance! NOW!" I shouted. Someone in the crowd yelled something in acknowledgment, and a few minutes later, I heard the sirens.

  "You'll be okay, we're getting help," I said uselessly to the girl in my arms.


*2 hours later*

  When the ambulance came to take the girl away, I came along, as well as Louis, Niall and Ellain. Liam, Harry and Megan went back to the hotel, because they didn't want to burden the girl with too many people.

  I sat by her bed as she lay motionless. The nurse has said she suffered from a minor hit to the head, but she should be okay soon.

  "What's up with us always getting people in hospitals?" Niall laughed shakily. It was true, and I guess he was just trying to lighten up the mood.

  Suddenly, I heard some mumbling. I sat up and saw that the girl was awake.

  "Wha--? Where am I?"

  "You're fine, you're just in hospital," I told her, "What's your name?"

  "C-Carragh (Cah-rah). What happened?"

  "Louis here," Ellain gestured towards Louis, "Kind of hit you by mistake."

  Carragh looked at Louis. He turned bright red and started apologising quickly. She smiled shakily.

  "It's fine, don't worry. I don't know why you got an ambulance, my boyfriend does this to me everyday..." she said.

  This took me by surprise. How can someone this beautful could be treated like that? She seemed like a really nice person. The nurse came into the room and said she was okay to go. We took her back with us to the hotel, and gave her something to eat.

  "Thank you so much, you really didn't have to do this," she kept on thanking us, gazing around the room. It wasn't until she realised what a big room it was, that she noticed who we were properly. "Hang on a second...you're...you're."

  Harry laughed slightly. Carragh was now staring at the 5 of us, with her mouth open.

  "Yeah. We are. But don't tell anyone, please! We just came back here for a holiday," Harry begged.

  "Don't worry," she said with a smile, "I have other things to worry about."

  I knew what she meant. As I looked at her, I wondered if there was anything I could do to help her out of her boyfriend situation...


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