Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


8. The Brave One

[Ellain's P.O.V]

Wow. I, Ellain, can proudly say that I am Niall Horan's girlfriend! OMG! I cannot wait to tell Megan! I ran towards her down the corridor, about to walk out.

  "Megan!" I shouted, "Wait up!"

  She turned around carefully.


  "You'll never believe what just happened."

  "Okay? Come on, tell me then."

  I took a deep breath.

  "Niall just asked me to be his girlfriend - and I said yes!"

  An enormous grin crawled on Megan's face.

  "What?! Wow! That's incredible! OMG wow!" I'm pretty sure she was speechless.

  "Yeah! So, um, have you done anything about Louis yet? We all think you should get together."

  "Err...what? Well, uh I don't really like him that much...to be honest."

  "Oh. Well that's awkward."

  "Yeah...speaking of the devil..."

  Louis crept slowly up to Megan and tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around in a flash.

  "Hiya!" he said, repeating Megan's greeting.

  "Hey," she said, with a little smile.

  I gotta admit, he was looking really cute today; a white and blue striped top, bright green jeans, black toms and his hair was just so...phwah!

  "Um, Ellain? Is it okay if I talk to Megan alone?"


  "Er, yeah."

  That was weird...but maybe it was a good thing? Maybe he finally had the courage to ask her out? I don't know. I was hopeful for him. I wanted them together, they were perfect. I have a feeling Megan likes him - even if she won't admit it.

[Megan's P.O.V]

Louis was here. Great. What did he want?

  "So, er - Megan...I was wondering..."


  "If maybe you want to...to hang out sometime?"

  He had a strange expression on his face, like as if he just said he's gonna blow himself up.

  "Hmm...okay, sure. Why not?"


  "Yeah, I guess it would be nice."

  It would. I mean, he seems genuinely nice. Who knows? We might ACTUALLY become friends.

  "Great! When are you free?"

  "The whole week, really."

  "Awesome! How about tomorrow? After school?"

  "Okay, sure."

  His handsome face lit up. He was speechless. Wow. That's a bit...weird.

  "Well, see you tomorrow then," I said.

  "OK!" he literally jumped for joy.

  I slowly backed away and walked out the door. Tomorrow should be interesting.

A/N ooooh you likey? Hehe :) xoxo

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