Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


7. The Awkward Moment

[Megan's P.O.V]

On Monday, I walked through the school gates, expecting Ellain. She didn't turn up, surprisingly! I strolled awkwardly across the front lawn of the school towards my classroom. Then, out of nowhere, a black-haired maniac came running straight at me.

  "Ellain! Where were you?" I questioned.

  "Oh hey! Yeah, I've just been talking to the boys..."

  "Er, okaaay...anyway, how was Friday night?!"

  "Oh wow, it was unbeliEllainble. Just the most amazing thing ever! He was so sweet, and walked me to my door...so romantic." She had a dreamy look in her eyes.

  "Did he drop you off a cliff?" I joked.

  "What? No..." she said, but was interrupted by Louis.

  "Hi, Megan!"

  "Oh, hey..."

  Argh. He was annoying.

  "How was your weekend?"

  "Erm, great I guess? Yours?"

  "Yeah! Me and the boys just chilled out playing video games."


  "Oh, good for you." I forced a smile.

  "So, um, I'll see you in class!"

  "Yeah, see you."

  He jogged off towards the school. Ellain looked at me in total shock.

  "What?" I mumbled.

  "How can you be so mean? He's trying his best to be nice to you, but you don't even see that! You know what? While I was talking to the boys, he said how much he liked you, no, LOVED you. Maybe you should give him a chance."

  Wait...what?! WHAT?! I couldn't believe it...

  "Megan? Megs!" Ellain waved her hands in front of my face. A Colour Moment was happening. The ground squirmed and turned a pinkish red colour, I looked up, and the sky turned green.

  "MEGAN!" she was shouting now.

  "Yeah...yeah sorry," I muttered.

  "We have to go now, or we'll be late..."

  So we quickly ran to our class.

[Louis' P.O.V]

Megan and Ellain walked into the room. They seemed puffed; they must've been running. Ellain sat down in her usual seat beside Niall, and Megan plopped down next to me.

  "Hey," I greeted.

  "Hiya, are we late?" she asked.

  "Nope, just in time, actually."

  At that moment, Miss Jacobs walked in. She looked like her usual self, grumpy and cruel.

  "Good morning. Right, time to study your notes, we are going to have a test."

  Huh? Oh man! I got out my math notes and scanned everything I've written down. I glanced at Megan; she somehow made studying look easy and graceful. She was beautiful. Perfect. Incredible. All I ever wanted. But, does she look at me the same way? I let out a long sigh.

  "Mr Tomlinson! Pay attention! Now, close your books and start your test," Miss Jacobs snarled.

  I snarled, too. Okay, question one...

[Niall's P.O.V]

Man, should've studied for this. I hate tests! I looked at Ellain; she was frantically writing and was nearly finished with her test already! Wow. I looked over at Louis, he seemed to only have his mind on Megan. I was shocked at how brave he was to admit to us how much he loved her. I admire him for that.

  "Done," I heard Ellain whisper.

  What?! How is that possible? I should get a move on... But, food...food...I'm hungry...I could really use some Nando's right now...wait...TEST! Oh yeah! I answered each question as quick as possible and finished just in time.

  "Okay! Pencils down," Miss Jacobs boomed.

  Everyone let out a sigh of relief. We handed in our papers and pretty much ran out of class. I caught up with Ellain.

  "Hey," I grinned, "Thanks for coming on Friday, I had fun."

  "Aw no problem! It was amazing, thank you!" she blushed.

  "So, er, I was thinking...I know this is fast, but...would you be my girlfriend, Ellain?" Wow. What did I just do? This could end up horribly wrong. She gasped.

  "Oh wow! Yes of course!" She had such a big smile on her face; so did I.

  I was so relieved! She said yes! I couldn't believe it. But she was beautiful, unbelieveable, everything. I wanted her, and now, she's my one and only. I love her. And she loves me back!

A/N ooohhh liking it so far??? ;D hope so! xoxo

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