Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


14. The Accident

[Louis' P.O.V]

  I couldn't believe what she said. How can she have the nerve to dare say that? I mean really, she hates us? Me? So much for thinking she was nice...

  I stopped at a red light and put the radio on. 'Call Me Maybe' was playing. I started to hum to the song and realised the traffic light had turned green. I drove along and turned onto the motorway. There was hardly any traffic so I went a little faster. I just wanted to go home. I started singing some of the lyrics. "...You took your time with the call..." There was a sharp bend in the road. "...I took no time with the fall..." I tried to slow down. "...You gave me nothing at all..." I couldn't. The car hit the side railing and tumbled down...down...down...

  I braced myself for the impact of the car hitting the ground. The roof collapsed. The back door flew off. I just gripped my steering wheel as tight as I could. My head throbbed, as I felt warm blood trickle down my cheek. Then it stopped. The car stopped rolling down the hill. I tried to lift my arm, but it was stuck between the door and the seat.

  "HELP!" I called, but I expected no answer.

  I heard only the birds singing and the crickets chirping. "HELP!" I yelled again, "HELP! PLEASE!"

  No use. Wait. I could try my phone. I used my unstuck hand to go through my pocket and grabbed my phone. No signal. Great.

  "HELP! Please help! Anybody!" I yelled again...

[Liam's P.O.V]

  Niall and I walked along the footpath, laughing at the sudden mob of fans.

  "That was unbeliEllainble!" Niall said.

  "It was!" I replied, "They were mental!"

  All of a sudden, we heard shouting. It sounded like it came from somewhere just ahead of us. We started to run towards the noise. We turned onto a little track, just below a hill.


  The yelling was getting louder, like it came from above us. I looked up.

  "Niall, look!" I nudged him.

  A very badly crushed car was lying there, about halfway up the hill. There was smoke coming from the back of the car, and a door had come off. I started to jog up the hill.

  "Come on, Niall!" I encouraged, but he just stood there.

  "I'm scared...and I'm hungry!" he argued.

  "Niall! Someone's trapped! We have to help them," I said sternly.

  I just kept trudging up the hill. Eventually, I heard reluctant footsteps behind me; Niall must have given in. I reached the car and I tapped on the driver's window.

  "If you can hea...LOUIS?!" He turned his head and slowly looked up at me.

  "LIAM! You need to help me! Please!" he yelled frantically.

  This time, Niall sprinted to the car and gave a huge gasp.

  "LOU?! What happened?!"

  "Just help out, Niall! He'll tell us later. Come on, 1, 2, 3, LIFT," I chanted.

  We both managed to tip the car back upright and unbuckled Louis from his seat. His right arm was stuck and Niall managed to free him. Lou's head was full of blood and he was whimpering.

  "We need to call an ambulance," I reported.

  "Ok, hang on...I'll dial the number," Niall said, as he punched some numbers in, "Hello? WE NEED AN AMBULANCE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 10 minutes? Well, as quick as you can! ...we're near Lacosha park, near the hill...yeah quickly please! HE'S ABOUT TO DIE! Ok, thank you!"

  "What did they say? How long will they be?" I asked worriedly.

  "They'll be here in 10 minutes! Don't worry!" Niall said happily.

  We should be fine...I think..


A/N For those of you who don't like my author notes, well, you can get lost ok? I like these little notes....ANYWAY thanks for all the reads and comments and likes and favourites and YEY I LOVE YOU I can't describe how much it means to me seriously!!! <3 xxxxxxxx

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