Just Believe (A One Direction Fanfic)

Megan is just a normal girl. But in her world, she can imagine many things. She doesn't like One Direction, but they come to her school to a student exchange trip. Will her feelings change? What will happen?


20. A Flight

A/N OMG PLEASE DON'T HATE ME! There's been so much going on these past months, so much stress, etc. WELL I'M BACK YAY xxxxxxxxx


[Louis' P.O.V]

  When I came back inside, I walked into the living room and sat down on the couch next to Harry. I didn't say a word. I guess I was a little embarrassed.

  "We've got something to say," Niall started, "We're going away! Going back to the UK for a holiday!"

  Wait what? A holiday? Why? It'll just make it worse. And if I do something wrong, everyone will blame me, everything is my fault these days! Why is that! None of us deserve a holiday! They can go themselves. I don't care.

  "I Won't go."

  "Louis. You have to come with us. The whole point of this trip is that we all need a nice break from everything. It'll be fun!" Ellain said.

  I thought about this for a while. I mean, this is the UK we're talking about! My home country! I guess it'll be okay to go for a while, hopefully we can forgive and forget eventually.

  "How long?" I asked.

  "Only for a few weeks," said Zayn, as he opened the front door. I didn't even realise he wasn't here!

  "Where the hell did you come from?!" I joked.

  He gave a smirk and pulled out some tickets from his pocket. He must've gone out to buy them. But, how long were they planning this for? Surely not today?

  "When are we leaving?"

  "Tomorrow." Niall said.

  "TOMORROW?! But..."

  "But what?" Harry asked.

  He had a point. There's nothing to think about, really. Pack tonight, gone tomorrow... I suddenly had a thought.

  'What about Megan? Does she know about all of this?" 

  "I'll go call her now, won't be long," answered Ellain, as she went outside to give Megan a call. Now everyone was looking at me.

  "What?" I said. I mean, seriously, what was I supposed to say? Why were they looking at me? I awkwardly averted my eyes and pretended to be interested at a spot on the carpet. I heard Zayn cough. They were all very shifty and moved around on the seats a lot.

  "Louis, we're all worried about you. About both of you; Liam too. It's really difficult to see you two like this," Harry said gently. I just shrugged. I guess they'll just have to wait until the holiday.


[Liam's P.O.V]

 I was woken up early the next day by lots of shuffling around, and the lights on.

  "Wha--" I strained my eyes to the bright round light above me. There were suitcases everywhere...

  "Come on! We're all waiting for you," Niall shouted.

  Waiting for what? I slowly got up and went for my shower. When I came out, I found everyone was already dressed and were packed for...a trip? What? Where were we going? I walked over to the kitchen, only to find my path being blocked by a bag with my name on it.

  "Oh yeah, we just shoved all your things in there. No point waiting for your sensible neat ways," Harry laughed.

  In shock, I grabbed by bag and went outside, where two taxis were waiting for us.


[Zayn's P.O.V]

  When we pulled up to the airport, I gazed in awe at everything. It was only my second time going on a plane (the first time being when we came to NZ). All 7 of us checked in our bags, and 40 minutes later, we were ready to board the plane. I sat with Harry, Niall with Liam, Megan with Ellain, and Louis was by himself (he was in a bad mood).

  "Where's the snacks?" Niall asked a flight attendant. When she said to wait another half an hour, he got into a big rage and nearly threw a massive tantrum. I wasn't surprised, we only just sat down and going out of the terminal.

  As we went out onto the runway, my heart started beating faster. The jets of the plane started whirring faster and I felt the engine rumble under my feet. Soon, we were flying smoothly through the air. I looked around; Megan and Ellain were gossiping over this magazine, Louis was chilled out with some headphones, Niall was scoffing up a huge mound of different snacks and drinks, while Liam was silently sleeping beside him. And Harry, well, he seemed to be in deep thought.

  "Hey, are you alright?" I questioned.

  He turned to look at me. At first, he just sat there, not saying anything, only making different facial expressions. "I don't know. I feel like I'm helpless in the situation. Louis is my friend, and I'm don't want to let him down, but, I don't want to let Liam down, too. I can't just take sides and ignore the other."

  I understood what he meant; I felt the same way. I really wanted to help the both of them and agree, but I can't. "You know, it's not your fault, you're doing everything you can at the moment."

  It seemed to help; his face relaxed a little.

  "Just don't worry about it mate, it's not worth stressing over," I consoled. I hope.


A/N I love you guys xxxxxxxx

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