Street Walker

Having his contract terminated by one of the biggest male modeling agencies in the world, Louis Tomlinson has no source of income and is facing repossession on all this things to pay the bills. Desperate for work, Louis gets involved in the dark career or male prostitution and falls hard for a client he meets on the street named Harry Styles. Could Harry end up saving Louis from a financial crisis? Or could he put Louis in another business that could ruin his life? Only time can tell.


2. Vomiting Up Friendship


It was 12:45 in the morning and Louis was set to make money. Since he was just fired, he had no income and needed food desperately. He walked down New York’s dingiest street, passing lots of street walkers as he walked by. The closer he got, the more nervous he got. His over confidence before was quickly swallowed by actually having to go out and do it. He found a small night club and stood across the street, waiting for anyone.

Every time someone passed, Louis got tense and nervous. He made the decision to sell himself extremely quick and without thinking. He knew in his heart it was the wrong decision, but what else was he supposed to do? No one wants to hire an ex-model with no experience and a sass problem. He didn’t fit into any criteria.




By three in the morning, Louis had already sucked off four thirty to forty year olds and had made almost four hundred dollars. His throat throbbed and he was mentally scarred. What was he doing? He didn’t belong here.

As he turned to leave, a young 18 year old stood in front of him. He had dark curly hair, soft green eyes and an incredible smile. He was wearing a loose grey T-Shirt and a navy blue beanie. A dog tag dangled from his neck and a star tattoo was placed under his arm. He was the most attractive person Louis had ever seen.

“How much?” Harry stuttered. He was obviously wasted. Louis knew that he was wasted beyond imagination and needed to go home. It was dangerous for someone as attractive as him to be on the streets alone. Louis stopped at his own thoughts. What the hell was he doing down here? They both needed to get out of here.

“Ten.” Louis said, grabbing the guy’s arm, leading him to his apartment. Louis had no other clue where to bring him. They walked for ten minutes, stopping occasionally for the guy to throw up massive amounts of liquor on the sides of the street. Louis tugged on his arm, leading him upstairs to his apartment.

He slumped the guy down on his couch, bringing him a glass of water and a bucket.

“Thank you.” He said. “You’re the nicest prostitute I’ve ever met.”

“Thanks.” Louis rolled his eyes, hearing the alcohol make words for the guy instead of his mind. Louis sat beside him, rubbing his back and making sure he was alright.

“I’m Harry.” He said after throwing up for the eighth time. Louis could smell the liquor and vomit on his breath.

“Louis.” Louis responded. “Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah.” Harry smiled at Louis. It was sincere and loving. The look was interrupted by Harry vomiting into the bucket again and Louis continuing to rub his back.

Louis realized he had just brought a drunk eighteen year old into his apartment at four in the morning. He was going nuts.




At around six, Harry was passed out on the couch, his legs spread wide apart and his mouth open. Louis had no clue what to do with him. Did he bring him home? Suddenly, Harry jolted up.

“Where am I?” He turned to look at Louis.

Louis didn’t know where to start. “Well,” He began, “You were really drunk, and I’m a prostitute.”

Harry’s eyes widened. “Did we…?”

“No, you were really wasted and I walked you to my place.” Louis shrugged his one shoulder. “Then you were throwing up and I let you stay here.”

Harry sat up and rested his chin on his fists. “Well this is awkward.” He managed to say.

“Yeah…” Louis scratched the back of his head. Harry didn’t get up right away. He obviously needed some time to think.

“So you’re a prostitute?” Harry said through his teeth.

“I just got fired yesterday and I needed cash. I had nowhere else to go.” Louis explained. He clenched his jaw closed. He was telling a complete stranger about his life and they hadn’t even been together for very long.

“That sucks man.” Harry nodded. Harry pulled a package of cigarettes out of his back pocket. “You got a light?”

Louis stood there, staring at Harry. Without thinking, Louis pulled his lighter out of his back pocket and tossed it at Harry. Harry lit the cigarette and took a long drag in, letting the smoke fill his lungs. He blew out and moved over so Louis could sit.

Louis sat down and grabbed a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it and taking a long drag in. Smoke filled his lungs and as he blew out, he felt instantly relaxed.

“So what’s your name again?” Harry asked. Louis remembered Harry was probably way too wasted to remember his name.

“Louis.” He replied, flicking the tip off his cigarette into the bowl he kept on his coffee table. Harry lent forward to do the same and stuck the cigarette back in his mouth.

“Cool,” he replied, “I’m Harry Styles.” Harry leaned back into the couch, propping his arm up and letting the cigarette smoke evaporate into the air.

Louis leaned back and relaxed his shoulders. “Do you want a drink?” Louis offered.

“My stomach is still a little queasy,” Harry shrugged. Louis was desperate for something, but decided he would wait until Harry was gone. The two smoked their cigarettes until they were gone and Harry stood to leave.

“Do you want to go for lunch? Or coffee?” Harry offered.

Out of habit, Louis went to protest because he needed to go to work, but he stopped himself. “Sure.” He replied. The two left the apartment building in silence, following Harry’s lead down the street. Louis was still wearing his blue and green striped scoop neck tee and black skinnies he had decided on wearing last night. His Louis Vuitton wallet and iPhone sat comfortably in his back pocket, along with a cigarette and a lighter in the other.

They walked down the street until Harry came to a stop outside a Starbucks. Louis walked inside, feeling the cool air conditioning against his skin. He was having coffee with someone that had tried to pay him to have sex with. It didn’t make sense. As much as Louis was conflicted, he knew he had done the right thing by taking him home. He had possibly saved someone’s life and made a new friend all in the same day. Huh.   

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