Street Walker

Having his contract terminated by one of the biggest male modeling agencies in the world, Louis Tomlinson has no source of income and is facing repossession on all this things to pay the bills. Desperate for work, Louis gets involved in the dark career or male prostitution and falls hard for a client he meets on the street named Harry Styles. Could Harry end up saving Louis from a financial crisis? Or could he put Louis in another business that could ruin his life? Only time can tell.


4. The Wrong Way


Louis dialed Harry’s number the following day, hoping he would pick up. He desperately needed this job and needed experience. This could be a whole new start for him. A way to get back on his feet. The dial tone went a few times and Harry finally picked up.

“Hello?” His angelic voice chimed into the phone.

“Harry?” Louis stuttered. “It’s m-me. Louis.”

“Hey!” Harry sounded excited. “You’re going to take up my offer?”

Louis thought this through quickly before replying. “Yes.” He eventually chimed.

“Sweet.” Harry breathed. “I’ll text you the address of the film set. You can take a look at it and see if you like it before committing.”

“Great.” Louis said dully.

“You’ll need to sign a few things, but nothing major. The film is pretty low budget but it’s a start for you.” There was urgency in Harry’s tone. “I’ll meet you at the set at two?” He asked.

Louis checked the time on the wall. It was one. He could make it. “Yeah, see you then.”

“Bye, Louis.” Harry said seductively, and then hung up. Jitters crawled through Louis’ veins and up his back. He was going to be in a movie with Harry! He smiled a wide grin and turned to leave for the set. Harry’s text message chimed up in no time and Louis set out for a taxi.

Louis flagged one down outside and told the driver where to go. He decided on wearing red capri pants and a long sleeve shirt. A pair of aviators sat comfortably on his nose. The taxi drove him to the set, which was apparently a mid-sized house. Hmmm. Sketchy.

Louis paid the cab driver and walked up to the door. He knocked once and the door flung open. Louis was face to face with a pair of sparkling green eyes.

“You’re here.” Harry said with a low tone. “Come in!”

Louis followed Harry into a small living room, with a couch, an end table and a fireplace. Down the hall were three bedrooms and a medium sized bathroom. Louis felt Harry’s hand wrap around his wrist, pulling him towards the bathroom.

“This is the scene you’ll be in.” Harry motioned at the surroundings. There were lights and cameras pointed at the inside of the shower. Odd.

“You’ll be in this scene with me.” Harry added, smirking. “Our director and camera crew will be here tomorrow to start filming.”

“Great.” Louis peered at his phone screen, then proceeded to open his calendar. “What time should I be here?” He asked.

“Twelve.” Harry hissed. “Sharp.” He smirked at Louis, a dark twinkle in his eye. Louis ignored it and tapped the times into his calendar.

“I’ll see you then.” Louis turned to the door.

“Oh!” Harry chimed in, “One more thing!” He handed Louis a script. “Oh and sign this.” Without thinking, Louis signed away, not even bothering to read the script or the contract. Harry yanked it away, folding it and stuffing it in his pocket. “See you tomorrow!”

Louis didn’t even want to read the script yet. He was too excited. He flagged down another cab and traveled home, excited to read. He bolted upstairs, the envelope in his hands. He got inside and ripped it open, revealing a small package of paper. He turned it over to the front and almost swallowed his tongue.


Pants Off, Ass Up XXX


Louis almost began to cry. He had signed his name committing to gay porn with Harry as his co-star. He couldn’t believe what was going on. He opened the flagged page where Harry had said he was in and almost began to cry. It was a shower scene between him and Harry. It explained why there were cameras pointed in the shower. He should have known. Louis punched himself in the shoulder for being so dumb. He knew in his heart this was a bad idea, the set, the way Harry was behaving, it all fit. HA. Louis laughed at the pun he made in his mind. He opened up the scene and began to read.


Character George and Character Adrian

George enters room while Adrian is undressing.

Oh god. This could only get worse.

George: Oh, Adrian, You know how I love it when you’re vulnerable.

Adrian blushes, turning away from George.

George: I’m so hard, Adrian.

George moves over to Adrian and begins to stroke his shoulders, resting his head on Adrian’s right shoulder.

Adrian moves away, embarrassed.

George: Common Adrian.

George returns to stroking Adrian’s back, his erection rubbing against Adrian’s leg.


“I can’t take this.” Louis threw the script down and grabbed his iPhone. He dialed Harry quickly and waited. Harry picked up almost immediately.

“Hello, Adrian.” Harry snickered.

“You asshole!” Louis yelled into the phone. “I can’t do this!”

“Too late,” Harry hissed. “You’ve already signed your commitment. You’re mine now.” Harry hung up and left Louis hanging. This was wrong. So wrong, and there was nothing Louis could do to get out of it. He was going to be in an adult film with Harry. Louis smacked his head against the wall. After this, his life would be over. He would be guaranteed never to get a job in this city, no, in the world ever again. Louis held his head in agony, crying until he had nothing left to cry.


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