Street Walker

Having his contract terminated by one of the biggest male modeling agencies in the world, Louis Tomlinson has no source of income and is facing repossession on all this things to pay the bills. Desperate for work, Louis gets involved in the dark career or male prostitution and falls hard for a client he meets on the street named Harry Styles. Could Harry end up saving Louis from a financial crisis? Or could he put Louis in another business that could ruin his life? Only time can tell.


5. Mindlessly Ready


Louis slammed the cab door shut. He had to do this. He read the script in the cab and had convinced himself he had no dignity. This made him feel better as he approached the white door and knocked twice. A man with aviator shades and a mustache opened the door a crack.

“Are you Louis?” He hissed through the crack.

“Yeah.” Louis hissed back. The man opened the door and ushered for Louis to come inside quickly. The man was wearing a black blazer and a white dress top, paired with a light washed pair of Levi’s skinnies. Louis felt pretty under dressed in his white wife beater tank and camo shorts. He pulled at the strap of his tank nervously. The room was set up completely different than it was yesterday. The couch had been pushed against the wall and there was a stain on one of the cushions.

“What were they filming there?” Louis pointed, removing his sunglasses.

“Masturbation scene.” The man said bluntly. He tugged at his mustache and moved over to one of the camera men, whispering directions on what lenses to use and etc. Louis could feel anxiety purge through his veins. He began to shake slightly. Suddenly, Harry walked out of one of the bedrooms, a robe around him. Louis could see he was completely naked underneath.

“Well Louis,” He smirked, “You made it.” Harry’s genitals moved freely underneath the robe. “Excited to start filming?”

Louis scratched his head. He was really letting himself go. One day he was a prostitute, next he’s doing adult movies. Why couldn’t he make up his mind? The thought of where his life would go after this movie was released flooded into his mind, making him tear slightly in one eye.

“Oh cheer up.” Harry put a comforting hand on Louis’ shoulder. Louis smiled. Suddenly, the director cut in.

“Boys, you’re on set in ten.” He instructed. “Gizelle,” he pointed at a plump woman with coral red lipstick and thick eyebrows, “Make up for the boys please.”

Louis and Harry’s arms were grabbed and pulled into the second bedroom for makeup and wardrobe. There were mirrors and makeup everywhere. Hair curlers, straighteners and dyes were placed in rows on each table.

“Common.” The men sat Louis and Harry beside each other. Louis’ clothes were immediately stripped off, making him flush scarlet red. A woman with long blonde hair and botox placed a white strip with glue on Louis’ pubes, then quickly removing it. Louis yelped in pain. Another strip was placed and ripped, making Louis scream again. Harry sat in his chair laughing as another woman, this time with orange hair covered up some spots on his face. The woman walked over to Louis and pasted some foundation on his face. She continued with a small amount of natural eyeshadow and proceeded to mess up Louis’ hair.

“You’re on in three.” The man poked his head in. Harry stood up and walked towards the bathroom. Cough cough set. Louis stood up, naked, and followed Harry into the bathroom.

“Good.” The man pushed Louis and Harry further into the bathroom. “You’re ready.”

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