Street Walker

Having his contract terminated by one of the biggest male modeling agencies in the world, Louis Tomlinson has no source of income and is facing repossession on all this things to pay the bills. Desperate for work, Louis gets involved in the dark career or male prostitution and falls hard for a client he meets on the street named Harry Styles. Could Harry end up saving Louis from a financial crisis? Or could he put Louis in another business that could ruin his life? Only time can tell.


6. Lights, Camera, ACTION!


Louis was pushed onto set with goose bumps all over his body. He was completely naked and being shoved into a bathroom where he had to have sex with Harry. Harry was walking slowly behind him, still in his robe. The smirk he had on his face was dark and sinister. Louis was pushed in front of a mirror and was shocked at how much a little make up could do. Working in modeling he had to wear makeup, but this looked completely different. Harry looked amazing too. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, although he had never done it with a guy before.

Camera men were placed around the shower, adjusting lights and making sure everything was in place. There was an overhead camera pointed in the shower for a bird’s eye view and a camera on the edge of the tub.

His character’s name was Adrian, a dark haired goody goody who was always out to impress everyone. George, Harry’s character, was dangerous and mean. The two were supposed to be attending high school together, when George decides that raping Adrian instead of studying for final exams is a good idea. Louis cringed, remembering the first actions he had to act out. He had to protest Harry from touching him, but deep inside Louis wanted Harry to touch him. Louis shook his head at the thought.

“You’re on, Tomlinson.” The director yelled, “Let’s try and do this in one take today.” Louis nodded and stood in place on a plush pink bath mat.


Louis waited for Harry to move close, muttering his first line. Harry’s hands were now on Louis shoulder and he began to harden. Louis knew he wasn’t supposed to be hard yet. “Think dead kittens, your ex-girlfriend, your boss.” Louis reminded himself. He wasn’t really paying attention to Harry’s lines as he was being rubbed. He acted helpless, small and weak. Harry’s erection rubbed against Louis’ leg, making shivers crawl up his spine.

“No.” He whispered. The director had a creepy smile on his face. Harry stepped back and turned the water handle seductively, letting hot water escape from the pipes. Harry moved back to Louis, pressing his soft lips on his. They were like candy. Sweet and soft candy. He had never felt more turned on by someone’s lips ever. He relaxed, letting his body take over. Louis began to harden and was pulled by Harry into the hot shower, almost yelping at how hot the water was. They continued kissing as Harry grabbed Louis’ length, sliding his finger across it gently. Louis’ eyes fluttered and his body cooled down. Ice water pulsed through his veins, making goose bumps appear again.

Their bodies were pressed together now and Louis could feel Harry’s growing erection against his. They continued to kiss as the scolding water poured against their bodies, covering them. Steam began to rise from the bottom of the shower as Louis let go, shoving his tongue into Harry’s mouth.

“Good.” The director mouthed. He motioned to Harry to turn Louis around and start the real intercourse. Harry obeyed and turned Louis by the shoulders, running his tongue down Louis’ spine. Louis moaned quietly and the director flashed a thumbs up. Harry stood up and pressed his chest onto Louis’ shoulders, rubbing him seductively. Louis felt Louis’ tip glaze his butthole, teasing him. His breath quickened. Harry pushed in gently, filling Louis up. Louis moaned as Harry moved himself in, thrusting gently. When he was completely in, Harry thrusted in harder and Louis clenched his jaw in pain. He let out a breath and grabbed his completely hard erection with both hands. Harry continued to thrust.

“Faster.” Louis moaned. Harry quickened the pace.

“I’m gonna come.” Harry gasped, precum dripping from his tip. Louis pushed backwards into Harry, making him spill inside him, filling him with warmth. Louis came on the floor of the shoulder, watching it down the drain. Louis looked up and glanced at the camera out of the corner of his eye. He remembered where he was. Harry was acting. There was no way he liked him enough to do this normally.

“Thanks, Adrian.” Harry gasped and left the shower. Louis put his hands on his arms and sulked, just like it said in the script. The sex scene hadn’t gone exactly as planned, but he thought he did a decent job for his first time with another guy. He had made Harry come right?

“Cut!” The director yelled. Louis stepped out of the shower and into a towel that the plump woman was carrying. Harry was standing in the doorway, a towel on his head. Otherwise, he was completely naked. Louis had done that? Wow. Harry had a very chiselled chest and abdomen. His legs were sculpted and his arms were muscular and defined. He also had a face to match, but that was obvious. Louis covered himself self-consciously, tucking the towel under his armpit.

“We have never done that in one take Tomlinson.” A camera man muttered through some sunglasses. “You should be proud.” Harry smiled at him.

A blonde woman with a Gucci handbag approached him. “Here is your payment.” She handed Louis a blank envelope. He tore it open and almost passed out. Six THOUSAND dollars for what he had just done. One scene, a few lines and barely any effort had made him enough money to survive for two months! He shook the woman’s hand excitedly and smiled at the director. He could get used to this.

“Congratulations on your first movie!” Harry swallowed him in a hug, letting his completely naked body touch Louis’ towel.

“We could use you in another few scenes.” The director spoke as Harry let go of Louis. “I could also recommend you to a few of my buddies. Someone like you who can do that in one take is valuable to a set.” Louis felt tingly inside. He nodded at the director as he pulled out his phone, pressing a button and chatting to a “friend.”

“You were amazing.” Harry winked. “See you on set soon.” Louis sighed and grabbed his clothes. Was he falling for Harry? He had no clue, but had just agreed to another few scenes. What was getting into him? Louis shrugged off the thought and dressed. He could go places, just like Harry had said.    

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