Street Walker

Having his contract terminated by one of the biggest male modeling agencies in the world, Louis Tomlinson has no source of income and is facing repossession on all this things to pay the bills. Desperate for work, Louis gets involved in the dark career or male prostitution and falls hard for a client he meets on the street named Harry Styles. Could Harry end up saving Louis from a financial crisis? Or could he put Louis in another business that could ruin his life? Only time can tell.


3. A New Career?


Louis stood behind Harry, waiting for him to order his coffee. From behind, he could see defined and muscular he was. For an eighteen year old, he was already pretty adult. He dressed fashionably and had very good posture. No one would have guessed he was only eighteen.

“What do you want?” Harry turned around, his green eyes making Louis melt.

“Oh, I’ll get it.” Louis pulled a ten out of his wallet.

“No,” Harry protested, “You took care of me this morning, I’ll buy.” Louis put the ten back in and ordered a grandé Americano. It was nice to be treated to something, most of the time he had to buy to gain admiration from bosses and co-workers. Harry seemed like a nice guy.

“Thanks.” Louis smiled.

“Any time.” Harry walked over to the coffee bar and waited for the drinks. Louis took a seat at a table and waited. He couldn’t understand why he was letting a random teenager buy him coffee. He traced a gash in the table as Harry approached the table. He handed Louis his coffee and sat down.

“So what were you doing on the street again?” Harry stared at Louis as he stirred his coffee with his straw.

Louis looked down into his cup, then at Harry. “I’m out of a job.” Louis admitted, “I used to be a male model, but my contract with the company got terminated.

“That sucks.” Harry admitted, moving his gaze to his coffee. He continued to stir, and then spoke again. “So you decided that being a prostitute would be a good idea?”

“I needed money desperately.” Louis cut in. “I had no food and no experience to get a real job. I quit college for that job, and now it’s gone.” Louis looked at the ground, ashamed.

“Well,” Harry began. “I could probably help you out.”

Louis widened his eyes. “Really?” He asked, “How?”

“My dad owns a film company.” Harry chuckled. “You could become an actor if you have experience as a model.”

Louis clenched his coffee cup. “You would do that? For me?”

“Of course.” Harry looked at Louis again. “That’s how I make a living. You could be my co-star in the next film.”

Louis couldn’t believe what Harry was saying. He smiled. “I’ll do it.” Louis was super excited to finally get work. He could leave prostitution for good and make a career.

“Give me a call tomorrow and we’ll talk about the film.” Harry smiled. He pulled out his iPhone and asked Louis for his number. Once their numbers were exchanged, Harry stood to leave.

“Thank you.” Louis smiled. Harry smiled back and headed for the door. Louis watched as he left the store and walked down the street. This was a new start. What could go wrong?

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