Stuck Between Two Daddy's.

Hi. My name is Rylee. I'm not one of those pagent queens, or cheerleaders. I'm not popular, or cute and funny. I'm a loner. I drink, do drugs, have sex, do everything. My therapist says it's to cope with the death of my mother. Does she not know that my mum died when I was 2? I don't remember her. Anyway. I'm not here to tell you my sob story life about how I live with a single dad with 2 younger sisters because their mum left us out of the blue. Oops. Told too much. I forgot to mention one thing about me. I have a boyfriend. His name is Niall Horan. He's a part of the band One Direction. I'm sure you all have heard of them. I'm kind of pregnant. But not with his child. But of another member of the band's... I haven't told either one of them yet. Not sure when I should though. Or if I should even have this baby at all... Abortion sounds better everyday.


5. What Did I Just Get Myself Into?


  I just stand there. Staring at the love of my life. " What did you just say?"

  " Will you marry me?" Niall said, slowly, looking concerned and a little hurt.

  " Y--Yes I'll marry you!" Why did I say that? Bitch, you are pregnant with somebody else's child. Either you sleep with him right now or you're going to have to tell him it's Harry's kid.

  Niall stood up and wrapped his arms tight around me. I felt safe. Just like this.

  I think " If I have sex with him tonight, nobody will ever suspect that this child is somebody else's... I'm doing it."

  I whisper in Niall's ear, "Can we make love tonight? Since we're going to get married anyway."

  Niall looked at me and smiled " That was what I was going to ask you."

  I smile a bit more bigger than I usually do and kiss him with so much passion I'm surprised there weren't birds chirping and that fairy tale stuff. We walk back into the house and go up to his room. I tell him I'm on birth control, so there's no need for a condom. He lays me on the bed and starts kissing me with so much passion I didn't even know he had.

  And we had sex. For the first time.

  He layed down next to me and just stroked my hair. I loved this. I pulled the blanket up ontop of me and he put some of it on himself. I looked up at him and mouthed "I love you" and he mouthed it right back. I am inlove with this boy. I am more in love than I ever thought possible. 

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