Stuck Between Two Daddy's.

Hi. My name is Rylee. I'm not one of those pagent queens, or cheerleaders. I'm not popular, or cute and funny. I'm a loner. I drink, do drugs, have sex, do everything. My therapist says it's to cope with the death of my mother. Does she not know that my mum died when I was 2? I don't remember her. Anyway. I'm not here to tell you my sob story life about how I live with a single dad with 2 younger sisters because their mum left us out of the blue. Oops. Told too much. I forgot to mention one thing about me. I have a boyfriend. His name is Niall Horan. He's a part of the band One Direction. I'm sure you all have heard of them. I'm kind of pregnant. But not with his child. But of another member of the band's... I haven't told either one of them yet. Not sure when I should though. Or if I should even have this baby at all... Abortion sounds better everyday.


19. Today is Just Full of Surprises


  "Louis? What are you doing here? You didn't see that, did you?" I ask him frantically,     "I did see that... Was that Eleanor you just flipped off?" He asked.     "Uhm...yeah...but you don't even know what happened! Please do not get pissed off at me. She desereved it. Believe me." I said, hoping he'd believe me.     "Get in the car. Explain it while I drive you home." I did as he said and explained it all. He was quiet the whole time I was telling him, which worried me a little. Once I finished, he looked at me and said "I knew she was a bitch."     "So you believe me?" I smiled.      "Yeah... I've been needing a reason to breakup with her anyway. A year and a half of this bullshit is too long." Louis said, looking at me again.      "I can give you multiple reasons to breakup with her. Let's see. She's bossy, manipulative, a total cu--"     "Okay okay. No need to drop the 'c-word'." Louis interrupted.     I smiled cheekily, "I'm adorable, I know."     "Definitely." Louis laughed. "Is Niall home? He didn't come to record."     "He should be." I said confused. "He was still there when I left with Eleanor. I'll call him."     I dialed his number and he didn't answer so I left a message. "Hey babe, it's me. Louis is wondering why you didn't show up for recording. Call me back. Love you." and I hung up. I looked at Louis and shrugged. "Maybe he's in the shower." Louis nodded and we pulled up to my house. I checked the mail and saw that the 2 plane tickets were here.     "What are those?" Louis asked, seeing I pulled 2 plane tickets out of the envelope.     "Oh, me and Niall are going to Mullingar Friday morning to visit his family." I told him.     "Oh cool. How long are you guys going to be gone? Because we start tour rehearsals next Wednesday." Louis said.     "We're coming back Tuesday night. So just in time." I said.     "Oh good. Did you hear Zayn has a girly friend?" Louis asked as we walked in.      "No way. Who is it?" I asked.     "Do you remember Perrie Edwards from that girl band that won XFactor the year after us?     "Oh yeah. That sounds familiar." I said trying to remember.     "Yeah, well when we performed on XFactor that year, they exchanged numbers. And now they're dating," Louis said as he sat on the couch.     I sat next to him, "Oh cool. I'm so happy for him. Do you have any pictures of her? I might recognize her."     "Yeah." He took his phone out and pulled a picture up of her.     "Oh, she's pretty. I think I do remember her now that I think of it." I said.     "Yeah, he's constantly with her now. It's kinda annoying. Cause she's kinda annoying. But oh well. So was Dani at first, but now we all love her." Louis said smiling.      "Oh, and I wasn't annoying?" I said laughing.     "Nope! We actually had a Nando's closer to the apartment we were staying in then. But we all thought you were cool, so we kept going to that one to see you." Louis said all cute-like.     I hit his shoulder and said "Now sir, that's a bunch of bullshit." and started laughing.     Louis joined right on in with me when Niall walked in the front door. "Hey guys."     We both turned around. "Hey babe." I said at the same moment Louis said, "Where the hell were you bro? We needed you today."     "Sorry. I had arrands to run." Niall said. Louis looked at me and I just shrugged.     "And what arrands were more important than rehearsing with your band?" Louis asked.     "We have no food here. I got groceries. Damn. Chill the fuck out. You're sounding like Liam." Niall said.     "Damn it, Niall! Why couldn't you just be at the studio today??" Louis screamed.     This was my cue to leave, so I went upstairs and closed the door. I didn't want to hear this fight. I don't know what's been with Louis lately. He used to be fun. Now he's all serious and acting like Liam. I love Liam. His role fits him well, but when other people act like him in the band, it's just straight-out annoying. I decide now would be a good time to start packing, since it's Wednesday and all.      I take out my suitcase and start putting my clothes in, labeling them all according to the day I will wear them. I'm obsessed with labeling.    Outfits Day 1 & 2: Outfits Day 3 & 4:       I put in a couple of dresses just in case we go out to dinner someplace fancy. I didn't overpack though, which is something new to me. Once I was finished packing, I heard the front door slam and I looked out the window to see Louis driving away. Oh God... I don't know if I want to know what happened now.      I hear stomping coming up the stairs and then Niall is in the room looking pissed off. He flops onto the bed and just looks at me. That's my cue to go over to him and comfort. I walk over and I lay next to him and put my hand on his stomach. "What happened baby?"     He wraps his arm around me and says, "They want me out of One Direction..."
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