Stuck Between Two Daddy's.

Hi. My name is Rylee. I'm not one of those pagent queens, or cheerleaders. I'm not popular, or cute and funny. I'm a loner. I drink, do drugs, have sex, do everything. My therapist says it's to cope with the death of my mother. Does she not know that my mum died when I was 2? I don't remember her. Anyway. I'm not here to tell you my sob story life about how I live with a single dad with 2 younger sisters because their mum left us out of the blue. Oops. Told too much. I forgot to mention one thing about me. I have a boyfriend. His name is Niall Horan. He's a part of the band One Direction. I'm sure you all have heard of them. I'm kind of pregnant. But not with his child. But of another member of the band's... I haven't told either one of them yet. Not sure when I should though. Or if I should even have this baby at all... Abortion sounds better everyday.


36. She Prefers the Drummer


*A/N*(Kay, so my bestfriend who HATED One Direction a week ago texted me saying she fell inlove with me. Yay. Wooh. Kbye.)     Niall spent the night with me last night at Jamie & Dani's. So he got to see my lovely One Direction comforter for the first time. He found it fucking hilarious.     Then felt awkward because he realized he was sleeping ontop of himself and made me change the comforters. Party pooper.      He was very hyper this morning. He woke up and jumped right ontop of me. "WAKE UP!" He screamed right in my ear.     " OH MY GOD, GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH BEFORE YOU SCREAM IN MY EAR!" I screamed back, and he decided to be a little boy and breathe in my face, then got up and went to brush his teeth.     I tried going back to sleep... Yeah, big mistake. He came running out of the bathroom, saw that I was trying to sleep and pounced right back on me.     "Okay... Not getting too fond of this whole waking up routine." I said, looking up at him.     "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS?!?!" Niall screamed again in my ear, with a nice minty fresh scent.     "God, No." I said, covering my ear.     "IT'S TUESDAY!!! YAY TUESDAY!" Niall said, then got up and started skipping around the bed.     "Uhm. Okay. You're high off your ass." I said, sitting up. "What is up with you?"     "I finished my song for the album last night, well technically an hour ago. But still." Niall said, finally settling down.      "You were up all night writing a song?!" I asked, shocked.     "It's good! It's about you baby." he said with a cheeky smile and pointed at me when he said 'you'.     I laughed. "Go to sleep. You're high off of non-sleep." I walked over to him, grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed. "Lay down. I'll sing you to sleep. And I don't sing in front of people." I said with an innocent smile.     He laid down. "Okay princess." He smiled. "Grab my guitar and just mess with a few chords. I wanna hear this." he closed his eyes.     I went and grabbed the guitar. At first I did it softly, building up the volume. Then, I started strumming hard. "GO TO SLEEP NIALL. GO TO SLEEP. SLEEP LIKE A CHILD, NIALL. GO TO SLEEP." I screamed at the top of my lungs. Niall sat up and took his guitar.     "THAT'S ENOUGH OF THAT!" he yelled and started laughing.     "Paybacks a bitch babe." I kissed his cheek and walked out of the room to get something to eat. I remembered Dani & Jamie are both at work. Good. They didn't have to hear that commotion then. I decided to text Miranda to see if she's awake and see if she wanted to go out to breakfast.   "hey, u awake? wanna get breakfast w/ me?" "sounds good, gimmie 15 min to get ready. :)" "k cooool."     I decided to throw my hair up in a bun, put on some concealer and mascara and wore my Jack Wills hoodie and yoga pants.      I leave a note for Niall for when he wakes up.     "Went to breakfast with Miranda. Hope you slept well. ;) Love you. xx Ry."     I get in my car and drive to the hotel and knock on Miranda's door. I'm looking down when the door is opened, making sure my shoes are tied.      "Rylee?" I hear a familiar voice say.      I look up. "JOSH?! What the hell are you doing here?" and there's Josh Devine. The drummer.      "I was about to ask you the same question." he muttered.     "I'm here to take Miranda to breakfast. I ain't paying for you." Josh cheated on me 2 years ago and Niall comforted me. That's how we got together.      "Good. I wouldn't eat what you paid for anyway." Josh snapped back at me. I see Miranda in her room putting makeup on, I push through Josh and go over to her.     "Why is he here?" I ask, as nicely as possible. "What happened to Harry?"     "Relax, Rylee. Josh came here last night to pick up Harry because he was drunk. Harry was knocked out on the second bed and Josh and I started talking. We totally lost track of time until it was too late for him to drive home, so he crashed here. Nothing happened. I pinky promise." She stuck out her pinky and I wrapped mine around hers.     "Where's Harry?" I asked, looking around the room.     " Vomiting  in the toilet." Miranda said, laughing.      "That's sexy..." I said. I was wondering what that smell was. I thought it was Josh. "We better get going if we actually want to make breakfast." I said walking back towards the door.     "Right." Miranda said, following me. "Bye Josh." she waved goodbye to him and I flipped him off while closing the door.     He is such a pleasant sight to see in the morning.     Not a day goes by where I don't think about wacking him in the balls with a sledgehammer.
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