Stuck Between Two Daddy's.

Hi. My name is Rylee. I'm not one of those pagent queens, or cheerleaders. I'm not popular, or cute and funny. I'm a loner. I drink, do drugs, have sex, do everything. My therapist says it's to cope with the death of my mother. Does she not know that my mum died when I was 2? I don't remember her. Anyway. I'm not here to tell you my sob story life about how I live with a single dad with 2 younger sisters because their mum left us out of the blue. Oops. Told too much. I forgot to mention one thing about me. I have a boyfriend. His name is Niall Horan. He's a part of the band One Direction. I'm sure you all have heard of them. I'm kind of pregnant. But not with his child. But of another member of the band's... I haven't told either one of them yet. Not sure when I should though. Or if I should even have this baby at all... Abortion sounds better everyday.


13. Moving Day


  Today is the day that we are moving Niall's stuff into my house. Me, Jamie, and Dani were gonna go shopping. But that is no longer a no-go right now. Sad day. They are all now helping my fiance move into my house. Bonding, right? I grabbed the box marked "Pillows and Blankets" and brought it into my room. Oh, I'm sorry. Our room. Still getting used to that. I set it on the floor and went back down. I ran into Niall while he was carrying a box. He set it down and put his arms around my waist.     "2 years ago, did you think we would've made it this far?" he said to me while smiling.     "Nope. I hoped, but I never thought it'd come true. I'm so glad it did." I stand on my toes and kiss him gently. Since I'm wearing flats, I have to do that.   Outfit:     He nodded and said "Me too. But I knew you were the one after our 3rd date, when you snorted and had pop come out of your nose." he smiled, remembering that horrible memory.     I start blushing like crazy. "That was so embarrassing!!" I leaned my chin on his chest.     "You're so cute." Niall said, leaning down to give me an Eskimo kiss. I've always loved those, so I smile at that and pull away.     "We gotta get moving! Ha, see what I did there? You're moving in, and I said we gotta get moving." I winked at him.      He rolled his eyes and smiled "Go." At that I ran outside to grab another box. As I grabbed a box, my phone started ringing. It was the Plan Pregnancy Center. I walked inside and sat on the table as I answered.     "Hello? Yes this is Rylee DeNoyer. What? Thank You. That's all I needed to know. Yes, thank you. No I don't need anything, but still thank you for telling me."     I get off the table and go outside and grab Liam and pull him aside.     "That was PPC."     "And?"     "I am definitely pregnant."     "How long?"     "5 weeks."     "God... when are you going to tell Niall?"     "3 weeks."     Liam just nodded and walked off. I didn't follow too far behind and grabbed another box and walked to the bathroom to put his towels under the sink. Later that day.     After we got done packing, we all just relaxed on the sofa. I was laying with Niall, Liam with Dani, Zayn by Jamie, they were bonding, Harry was also involved in that, and Louis and Eleanor. Eleanor came right after we had got done unpacking things. Funny how that works out. Miss Model can't break a nail. Boo Hoo. Anyway, we all just laid there, talking amongst eachother.  My dad never called me that night, he texted me. But that was it. I didn't text back. Maggie texted me too. I texted her back, only because she actually loves me.     Niall was running his hand up and down my thigh on purpose just to make our first night living together 'memorable' if you get what I'm saying. Around dinner time, everybody left. Finally. I was getting tired of this teasing from Niall.     So we got down to business after everybody left.      And it was good. Very good.
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