Stuck Between Two Daddy's.

Hi. My name is Rylee. I'm not one of those pagent queens, or cheerleaders. I'm not popular, or cute and funny. I'm a loner. I drink, do drugs, have sex, do everything. My therapist says it's to cope with the death of my mother. Does she not know that my mum died when I was 2? I don't remember her. Anyway. I'm not here to tell you my sob story life about how I live with a single dad with 2 younger sisters because their mum left us out of the blue. Oops. Told too much. I forgot to mention one thing about me. I have a boyfriend. His name is Niall Horan. He's a part of the band One Direction. I'm sure you all have heard of them. I'm kind of pregnant. But not with his child. But of another member of the band's... I haven't told either one of them yet. Not sure when I should though. Or if I should even have this baby at all... Abortion sounds better everyday.


9. Let's Go To Ireland, Everybody!

  Jamie just looks at me with his chocolate brown eyes that made me melt before I found out he was gay. "Do you love Harry?"

    I just look at him.     "Do you?"     "No. I love Niall. But this is Harry's baby for crying out loud. Can we get out of here? I need to get some air."     "Yeah yeah. Wanna spend the night?" Jamie asked while walking with me to my car.     "No, that's okay. I kind of need some time alone. Shopping this weekend?"     "Sounds good. I need some new sperrys anyway." Jamie said with a smile.     I hit him lightly on the chest and let out a small smile. "You're such a girl."     "I know." he smiles back and hugs me. "Ring me if you need me. I love you babe."     I hug back tighter "Same for you. I love you too." I kiss his cheek and get into my car and start it when my phone starts ringing "Call Me Maybe".      Zayn's ringtone.     "Hello?" I answer.     "Hey, it's Zayn."     "Hey Zayn. What's up?"     "Wanna chill tomorrow? Everybody is gonna be at the recording studio and I finished my recording earlier. I need someone to hang with and Niall said that Thursdays are our days off."     "Yeah, that sounds great. My place or yours?"     "Mine. I gotta babysit Lux too."     "AWWH. You got Lux tomorrow? Yay. I love her." I say smiling. She is the most awesome and spoiled baby in the world.     I can hear a smile in Zayn's voice. "Yeah, I'll text you in the morning."      "Okay babe. See you tomorrow." and I hang up. I start driving home and think about the conversation me & Harry had at Starbucks. This is just so complicated...     I get home and decide to skype Niall. I walk up to my room and open my laptop. I haven't checked my email in 3 days, so I decide to do that while I'm at it. I have 4 new messages. 2 are junk mail, and the other 2 are from my ex stepmum. Don't know how the hell that bitch got my email. Better see what she wants.   Rylee, It's Lanie. I know we didn't get along before. And I have no right to be sending you this email. But just know this. I love you like you are my own daughter. When I left, I was not thinking about you. I was thinking about only my self. I want you to tell the girls that I love and miss them. I remember what it was like when my mother died. It was devestating. Now you've lost 2 moms. And I am so sorry. I'm going to send you a plane ticket in the next email I'm about to send. There's 4 of them in there. For you, Cheeky, Lakey, and I heard you had a boyfriend from your father. Bring him, too. I'm living in Ireland. Mullingar actually, to be exact. I want you to visit me in a couple weeks. I'm sorry it's such short notice. But I miss you all. I've been emailing and calling your father for the past couple of months. I miss home. 4 years is too long. I missed everything. Just please, before you delete this email, think about it. Talk about it with the girls. I'll wait a couple days before emailing you again. I love you all.  xx Lanie.     What. A. Load. Of. Horseshit. I would rather kill a puppy than visit that woman. What the hell is in Ireland anyway? I mean, that's where Niall is from. Actually, Mullingar is exactly where he's from. But still. That's a load of crap. I'm going to talk to my dad, Niall, and the girls first before I make any decision. I don't even want to skype Niall anymore. I'm so mad.     He's never seen me mad.     I go downstairs and I see my dad sitting on the couch watching tv eating some popcorn. I sit next to him.     "Hey Daddy." I say. It's been a couple of days since I've seen him.     "Hey Rylee. Where have you been?     "I just got back from Starbucks with some friends after going out with Niall. So, Lanie sent me an email."     This made me get my father's full attention. He turned off the television and looked at me. "Oh, really?"     "Yup. Wants me, Lauranne, Maggie, and Niall to visit her. Why not you?"     "Busy with work." He takes a sip of his beer.     "Did you know about all of this?"     "Yeah. I arranged it."     I stand up. " Why the hell would you do that?! After the shit she has put our family through! We used to be happy!"     My dad stood up then. "WE WERE NEVER HAPPY! After your mum died, after I married Lanie, after the girls were born, we were never happy."     "I don't want to see her."     "You have to go. Cheek and Lake want to go. I already talked to them about it."     "Why. Just why."     "Niall can go too! He's from Mullingar. He can visit some family. You can actually meet his family. Don't go for Lanie. Go for Niall."     I look at the ground and look back at him. "We're engaged."     My dad drops his beer on the ground. "Excuse me?"     "Me & Niall are engaged. Isn't that what you wanted?"     "YES! Yes that's what I wanted! Baby, I'm so happy for you... But I don't want you getting married any time soon... You still need to go to college."     "I know. I am. We are. Don't worry. I'm gonna go on up and tuck the girls in and tell them goodnight. You better mop up that beer. Not my job."     I go on upstairs and into the girls room. God, I hate when he's drunk. He's so fucking bipolar.     I tuck the girls in and kiss their forheads and tell them goodnight and go on to my room.      I might as well skype Niall.
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