Saving Alice

Alice is a Orphan, who ends up being raised by her mothers sister who, Has one son Louis Tomlinson. Now Alice and Louis are teenagers and have a whole summer after completing college; and she gets to hang out with the band since her mother banned her from going anywhere without louis.


8. Only Cousins

I ran out to where Alice was. she was on the front of the driveway, still crying. " whats wrong, Alice?" She saw me, and wiped her face with a kleenex. "Niall, im not actually Louis' Sister."she let out between sobs.  "What?" I said, i was confused. "well," she started " when i was Maybe 16; i broke up with this guy,  he went nuts and broke in to my house, he went into my room first.. i started screaming for my dad. my dad walked in thinking i was just having a nightmare,my ex stabbed him to death, then he was about to start on me when, my mother waked in with a butchers knife.. i told my mom to just go that he had me. but.." I was horrified. how could she have gotten through this?! "the police came in afterwards, they put him in prison. he swore he would find and kill me." I was petrified, and angry at the same time. i wanted to punch that guy in the face. "then what??" i said. 

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