Saving Alice

Alice is a Orphan, who ends up being raised by her mothers sister who, Has one son Louis Tomlinson. Now Alice and Louis are teenagers and have a whole summer after completing college; and she gets to hang out with the band since her mother banned her from going anywhere without louis.


3. In the car.

There we were in the car. louis driving, a guy, im guessing was liam, in the passegers seat. I was sitting in between some guy to my left and niall to my right , then the serious guy next to him. I had my arms crossed and i was angry. every one was still looking shocked at me. the guy to my left looked at me and said. "Well, mrs......" waiting to fill my name in his space. " i dont need to give you my name! i dont even know you!" i yelled at him then turned my head to my right like a snooty girl. louis chuckled, shes my sister, Alice." niall grabbed me and hugged me. i struggled to pull from his grasp, pushing his hands. " she told off the mean attendant for me!!" niall said like a little kid. my heart melted. i hugged him back. " i guess i was." with a smirk on my face. the guy to my left was still pouting from when I had yelled at him. I felt bad. " Im so sorry Mr......"i said, mocking what he asked me. he laughed. "Its Harry." he said. I gave a questioning look to my brother who knew why i had that look. " he usually does have big hair, i swear." everyone nodded. Harry blushed.

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