Saving Alice

Alice is a Orphan, who ends up being raised by her mothers sister who, Has one son Louis Tomlinson. Now Alice and Louis are teenagers and have a whole summer after completing college; and she gets to hang out with the band since her mother banned her from going anywhere without louis.


17. everyone has to know

he shook his head no. "nope," he smiled" everyone has to know." he said. when we got back to our little camp.  harry screamed. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!" every one walked out of their little tents." ME AND ALICE ARE GOING STEADY!!" he let out. louis smiled at me. daniele and elenore were jumping while also clapping, they looked super excited. Elenore walked up to me with daniele right behind her. " wanna go shopping in celebration??" daniele nodded and added to elenores comment. "and the boys can go find a REAL place to sleep." the boys nodded. "Okay!" i said. i ran and got dressed in my black sparkly toms, Mint colored skinny jeans and a black sequined drapey top. "lets go!" i yelled, i winked at harry. then us girls left.

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