Saving Alice

Alice is a Orphan, who ends up being raised by her mothers sister who, Has one son Louis Tomlinson. Now Alice and Louis are teenagers and have a whole summer after completing college; and she gets to hang out with the band since her mother banned her from going anywhere without louis.


30. acting

it was a few months after i had regained memory.  now i can remember every detail of before and after he shot me. every once in a while i would wince at the thought. but other than that im a lot better now. im surprised at how fast my wounds heeled, the doctors say it was almost inhuman how fast it was. i was happy i was unique. the doctors asked if they could do tests on me. i was going to say 'why not? it cant hurt.' but harry quickly refused. ever since then harry has been acting strange... i cant help but feel i need to hurry up and save him, from his own thoughts.. i couldn't tell what they were, but they weren't good. harry tried acting like he was happy for a while, but soon he just gave up. now he spends whole days in his bedroom, not letting a soul in.

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