Saving Alice

Alice is a Orphan, who ends up being raised by her mothers sister who, Has one son Louis Tomlinson. Now Alice and Louis are teenagers and have a whole summer after completing college; and she gets to hang out with the band since her mother banned her from going anywhere without louis.


36. a kiss wakes the princess


luckily, as long as alices blood is on my hand my 'powers' can reattach her hand. goodthing too, i couldnt imagine having to comeup with a story for the emergency room doctors. niall put his hand on her chest and his eyes turned white. i knew he was helping, i was just not used to this stuff yet. he was giving her some of his strength. i knew he was sorry and he didnt mean it; but, i also knew he knew she was very fragile too our power crap. he was crying when i ran in. and when i saw her little pale hand in his i was crying too..

Niall finished up strengthening her then left the room. in half an hour or so, alice stirred. it wasnt the calm stirring from the hospital, or when she woke up in the morning; she was arching her back in distress. i put the palm of my hand on her forehead to read her vital signs. her pulse was racing almost three times the normal, which was fatal. her brain wasnt responding to her body. i looked at her blood stream and immune system. her immune system was acting wild. in her blood stream the answer to everything was held. usually her blood was a crimson red. right now it was however, a fluid with the resemblence of quicksilver or mercury... i paused then turned to look at the pale with horror, niall standing at the door. i was fuming. and he knew it. the slick moving silver fluid was nialls blood and he knew what that did to humans. he knew bcu his body acted like this for a week and a half while his body was changing from human to immortal thing, while his old blood was mixing with the new blood his body was making.

"YOU TRANSFUSED?!" I screamed.

he nodded. there was only one thing i could do to save her. Niall had to kiss her, i was angry but thats what you gotta do if our powers mess with humans. i shoved him from the doorway and walked from the room. i turned and screamed at him. "GET THE BLODDY DEED OVER WITH NIALL!" i watched just just long enough for alice to start screaming in pain from the transfuse, i winced at her cries. Niall bent over her, leaned down. and i ran out the room and off the balcony into the open air, just in time to hear her screams in pain slowly quiet down. and soon i was off, and right now i never wanted to take the flight back so i flew farther into the wilderness.


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