I Love You More Than This

Anna Richard's was just an average 13 year old, american that had a love for one direction. When she found out her family was going on a summer long vacation to Europe! She convinced her parents to letting her stay with her cousin Olivia who had lived in the UK for 5 years now. Anna is stunned when she finds Harry Styles completely mesmerized by her. As cliche as it sound he fell head over heals for her, although she was 5 years younger than him. What will happen when Anna has to leave? What if Olivia lies to Anna about what she did...


1. were going WHERE!

"When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just wont feel right, cause i can love you more than this." Harry's soft lips sang to me. When I looked up at him, his gorgeous green eyes made my heart sink. He slowly crept closer to me, i leaned in to kiss him and...."ANNA WAKE UP WE HAVE TO TALK TO YOU!" my mom shouted into my room. I slowly sat up realizing that it was only a dream, to add to my collection of things that are never going to happen to me. I left my room feeling exhausted because it was the first day of summer and i already had to get up at 7. I shuffled down the stairs to see my mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table. "Oh my, what did i do, we never sit at the table" i thought to myself as i slumped into my chair. "We feel like we should do something different this summer," my mom said not getting to the point. "So we've decided we should take a summer long trip to EUROPE!" my dad nearly screamed. Oh my gawd! This is my chance to actually meet One Direction!!! "Really!?!?! This is going to be great!" i replied. "And we've decided to let you choose what we do!" they added. "Sooo...are you saying we can see ONE DIRECTION!!!" i leaped. "Absolutely...NOT! its a vacation not a concert. Now get packing were leaving tonight!"

Greatt! Now were finally going to where the five guys i love live and im not even going to get to even catch a glimpse of them. I sighed packing my blue toms and my white shorts in my bag...and thats the last of it. Theres gotta be someway I can get to them with my parents letting me, theres just gotta be. But for now i guess i should just be greatful were going anyway, instead of being stuck in the US with no way at all of actually meeting them...so here i come Europe! First stop the United Kingdom!!!

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