I Love You More Than This

Anna Richard's was just an average 13 year old, american that had a love for one direction. When she found out her family was going on a summer long vacation to Europe! She convinced her parents to letting her stay with her cousin Olivia who had lived in the UK for 5 years now. Anna is stunned when she finds Harry Styles completely mesmerized by her. As cliche as it sound he fell head over heals for her, although she was 5 years younger than him. What will happen when Anna has to leave? What if Olivia lies to Anna about what she did...


4. this is harry

Olivia's P.O.V.

Geez I've been gone for a while, as I checked to see what time it was on my phone. Wow its been 30 minutes, i'll just check out and go find her. I walked over to the bed where I had left her, to find a guy with curly hair kissing her. Wow she's been in London for an hour and already has a guy and I've been here for 5 years and have nothing. Greatt! I saw them pull apart and then he told her something but I couldnt hear what he had said, but she slowly got up and looked in my direction.


Anna's P.O.V.

I wanted to live in this moment forever and never let it go, but a girls gotta breathe. When we pulled away his green eyes stared down at me and a small grin appeared on his cheeky face. 

"Im really sorry bout that, what your name gorgeous" he said in the most absolute beautiful british accent.

"Uhm, Anna and dont be sorry" I said as a blush grew on my face.

"Why dont I take you out for lunch?" He asked me.

"I would love to, but I have to find my cousin first." I agreed as he gave me his hand and helped me up from the soft bed.

I turned around and noticed Olivia looking at me with her mouth open. Crap she just saw me kiss Harry Styles and he's 5 years older than me. 

All that i could say was,"Olivia you should close your mouth, your gonna catch flys" all she could do is smile and I even heard Harry let out a quiet giggle. She walked over to where we were standing and just looked at us.

"Uhmm Harry this is my cousin Olivia, Olivia this is my...i mean Harry" i blushed.

"Hi! You guys are amazing at what you do, keep it up" she said calmly.

"Why thank you! Uhm if you dont mind I was going to take out your lovely cousin Anna" I gasped when he said my name.

"Alright...but I'll be watching you. You better not take her!" she pointed at him then continued, "And for you behave! Im gonna go invite some friends for lunch, just text me when you need me"she looked at me with a serious face, then hugged me. She walked out of the shop talking on her phone. Once she left my attention shifted over to Harry, who was just looking down at me with that gorgeous smile.

"So shall we go?" he asked me gesturing towards the door.

"Yes I would love too!" I agreed without even hesitating.

When we walked out of the shop I saw him look down towards are hands then to my face I met his glance and we grabbed each others hands. An electric shock streamed through my body starting at my hand. Wow Harry Styles kissed me, then asked me out. Uh, I sighed into a smile thinking could this be any better?

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