I Love You More Than This

Anna Richard's was just an average 13 year old, american that had a love for one direction. When she found out her family was going on a summer long vacation to Europe! She convinced her parents to letting her stay with her cousin Olivia who had lived in the UK for 5 years now. Anna is stunned when she finds Harry Styles completely mesmerized by her. As cliche as it sound he fell head over heals for her, although she was 5 years younger than him. What will happen when Anna has to leave? What if Olivia lies to Anna about what she did...


3. Is this a dream

"Since its your first time in London, why dont we go explore the streets so you know a little bit more about it?"Olivia asked. "Sure why not," I said calmly but truthfully I was so excited! 

As we walked down the busy streets I heard British accents everywhere, which was foreign to me since Im american, but I shortly got used to it. There was something about London that I absolutley loved, the way people had such good manners, all the big red buses, the shops and just, everything!

Olivia's P.O.V.

I kept screaming at Anna to wake up but she just layed there on the sample bed in the London Bed Bath And Beyond. "Hmmm would it be wrong to just leave her here, then come back... It'll only be a few minutes. I wont even go that far" I thought as I slowly walked away from where she lay, hoping nothing would happen to her.


10 Minutes Passed


Anna's P.O.V

"Well hello beautiful!" I heard a slightly familiar british voice say. I yawned and rubbed my eyes to see a tall curly brown haired boy, with the most gorgeous green/blue eyes i have ever seen. "Where am I?" I asked confused as I woke up on bed in the middle of what looked like a store with no sight of my cousin. "Your in London, England which is in Europe. In the Bed Bath and Beyond store laying on a bed that is supposed to be for show." He said as he gigled. "Wait..." I said still confused because I was very tired still, but I continued,"Do you know me somehow?" He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand,"Well by your accent I can assume that your from america. And your curly blonde hair is gorgeous, just the way its laying to the side. Wow your eyes. There something ive never seen before, the way the light hits off them perfectly blue!" he said in the sweetest tone. "Ohhh haha, I know who you are your Harry Styles! This is a nice dream being complimented by Harry Hmmm" I sighed and giggled at the same time. "What are you talking about? This isnt a dream, Im here see?" He said as his face crept towards me and his lips pressed against mine perfectly. What just happend i thought to myself...I must be dreaming!

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