I Love You More Than This

Anna Richard's was just an average 13 year old, american that had a love for one direction. When she found out her family was going on a summer long vacation to Europe! She convinced her parents to letting her stay with her cousin Olivia who had lived in the UK for 5 years now. Anna is stunned when she finds Harry Styles completely mesmerized by her. As cliche as it sound he fell head over heals for her, although she was 5 years younger than him. What will happen when Anna has to leave? What if Olivia lies to Anna about what she did...


2. Can i stay please?

As soon as we got off the plane it was so chaotic! I had totally forgotten today was the day one direction came back from there up all night tour! I didnt say a word to my parents, because knowing them if i said anything about one direction we would be out of there in seconds! "Geezz its so crowded why are all these people here?" my dad questioned. "I dont have a clue but lets hurry up and get a cab to the hotel!"my mom shouted over the screaming girls. Sadly we left before they arrived. The cab ride was taking ages! So i did what any other bored directioner would do and put my headphones in and fell asleep to one thing...."Shot me out of the sky, your my kryptonite, you keep making me weak yea frozen and cant breath" Harry muttered to me. "Did you just quote your own song.." we both started bursting out in laughter, when he suddenly stopped. "Wow, i love your laugh" he blushed. "Well i love you" i managed to sneak the four words out of my mouth. Before i could think of anything else his lips were pushed against mine. Was this reallly happening?! "Come on! We have to go!" i kept hearing this voice getting louder and louder until i realized my mom was rushing me to get out of the cab. I knew it, it was all too good to be true...like always.

When the elevator slid open to floor 20 we walked to our room. Before the door opened, i heard a noise on the other side...but i was the only one to actually seemed worried about it. The door flew opened and my favorite cousin Olivia, who was 18 but we were still really close, popped up shouting, "HI guys i was so excited to hear that you were coiming!!

Sadly we werent even staying there were just came by to say hello...but while my parents were talking, me and Olivia chatted for quite a bit. "Do you seriously think theyll let me stay here with you?" i asked uncertain. "Well you never know unless you ask" she said as she pushed me into the kitchen where my parents were having a dicussion on whether to go big ben or stone henge. "Yes?" they both looked at me curiously. "Uhmm, well Olivia and i were talking...and wondering if i can stay the whole summerr with her?" i rambled on probably i little bit too quick to understand. "Well....are you sure this is what you want to do?" my mom asked. "Mhhumm" i said nodding my head. "I'll be sure to take care of her" Olivia quickly added. My dad sighed, "Alright but you have to call us!" "ohkay!!! thank you sooo much!" I said as they rushed out of the door. YESS i thought to myself i might have a chance to meet one direction! My dreams could turn into reality!!!

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