Vincent (chapter 1)



1. Chapter 1


At this point I’m not sure what I’m going to do once I get back to Florida. I have no idea where I’m going to stay, how i'm going to eat. My student loan is no longer active since the only person who cared for me all my life, my Grandmother Louise, passed away suddenly two weeks ago. My only hope for a future was my father. I traveled all the way to Chicago using a rental car, to locate him. And instead of finding him, I found that he no longer lives in Chicago. neighbors of his said he was convicted of Robbery and sent to jail somewhere in Baltimore. I haven’t had anyone to talk to in days, all of my friends are in college getting degrees. I have no siblings to help me out either. I’m just...Alone.. I drive for what seems to be two hours, in a heavy downpour of rain. The car is dark within and aside from the patter of rainfall against my window, silent. I look down at the gas gauge on the car and notice it’s half full, yet there is a beaming red light that flashes on and off repeatedly. Even though my foot is on the accelerator the car is stalling.  pull the key out the ignition and try to get the car to start again. The car would not move. I pushed open the door and stepped out into the pouring rain looking for some sort of city lights or sign. The rain weighed my hair down to the sides of my head and water dripped from my face into my eyes.  I couldn’t see anything through the white haze, not a light to be seen for miles. I had no cell phone to make any calls, and there were no gas stations for at least two hours back. I began to panic, I fought back the urge to throw up on the street. The cold rain fell down my back and filled my shoes with water. I felt a gush air rushing from my stomach.  burst into tears sobbing uncontrollably into the dark sky. "My life couldn’t get any worse!" I was thinking. “Lord please help me!” I prayed aloud. With all the coldness rushing through my body, I found warmth touching my right arm. I turned a little and saw two muffled headlights heading towards my way.  I dash across the wet pavement trying to flag down the silvery car that is driving through the pitiless weather. The driver of the car seems to notice me, but he still is speeding. Once the bright lights hit my face, the car swerves off violently.


I gasped and dashed towards the car. “Are you okay!?” I screamed. “Hello?” As I sped across the street, my feet slipped around inside in my flooded shoes and my left ankle twisted. I dropped down to the ground in a large puddle of water gripping my ankle. I glance at the car and still see no movement. I rise from the ground, and slowly walked towards the car feeling my ankle in throbbing pain.I limped near the sports car, and saw that it was empty. I swept water off my face with my hand. “Is anyone there?” I questioned. I saw two shadows in the car as I got closer. I walked up to the window. “Excuse me!” I cried pounding on the glass window  The silver door swooped open, and a handsome but tired looking young man nearly fell from the inside of the car. “I’m so sorry.” I pleaded. He stood on his feet and rain fell from his silky brown-blonde hair. We stared at each other for a few moments before we talked. His eyes were a brownish silver color and his eyebrows were folded angrily. “You should be more carful when crossing the street.” he spoke calmly. “My uncle thought you was a deer.” I mustered a sigh. I tried to ask for help, but began crying  again. The man glanced left and right awkwardly.” Did I miss something?” he asked almost scared to touch my shoulder. “wait are you mad about that deer thing?. He asked. “I wasn’t saying you were fat..or anything like that.” “Nooo….My car!” I sobbed. “It won’t move, and I’ve been stuck here in the rain for a long time. And I hurt my ankle. He gazed across the street at the rental. “If I look at the car… will you stop crying?” I looked at him appreciatively and nodded.He pulled a wrench out the glove compartment of his car. I limped behind him as he walked over to the rental. “You shouldn’t be walking on that” he said looking into the window of the automobile. I leaned against the front of the vehicle resting my ankle. “Hmm.” he grunted. “The gas tank is full… It’s probably the battery.” I looked at him longingly.”Can it be fixed.” He shook his head. “Not in the rain..At least.”“What!?” I bawled desperately.


“hey…you promised you weren’t going to cry!” He spoke jokingly. “I’m sorry.” I pleaded “ I just don’t know what I’m going to do!” I spoke drenched in water. He looked towards his car and glanced at a shadowy figure who was sitting in the drivers seat. He sighed and drew near me. “Take your weight off that ankle and hold on to me.” I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist and he pulled me across the street. He opened the car door, picked me up in his arms and sat me down in the back of the car. The AC was blasting cool air into my face, and a man in a red sweater with curly black hair was perched in the front seat, not even glancing back at me. the brownish blonde haired man sat down beside me. “You're shivering.” he said pulling off his leather jacket. He draped it over my shoulders. I smiled gently and thanked him. I looked forward and shivered exhausted but unable to sleep. I wondered if the driver was disrupted by my presence. The man’s expression changed from serene to deadly as he faced his companion who was sitting quietly In the front seat.


“We have a guest Cee!” He rumbled. “Say hello.” I glanced at the front of the car nervously.  The car was moving pretty fast paced. His glare towards the driver ceased to fade.” Smettere di essere un coglione e dire Ciao!” he spat at the man in the red sweater “Aye.” he grumbled into the air at no direct person. He turned the spinning wheel angrily. As we drove the sky began to brighten. I smiled at Cee and waved softly. He grunted. “My name is Vincent.” said the grey-brown eyed man.  I smiled genuinely. “My name is Karris…you speak Italian?.” I questioned. Vincent held my clammy hand to his lips. “Yes…”  he began “Nice to meet you.” I glanced out the window shyly. “where are we?” I blushed. “We’re in Boston.” Cee muttered. "Vincent." he started. "Get the things from the trunk, we're almost there."  


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