Playing with Fire

When Jackie Castiato returns to the States she doesn't know what to expect. She's been gone for about seven years! But when she reunites with her childhood menace she finds out that he's transformed into a member of a international heart throb British-Irish group One Direction.


12. Weakness

Jackie's P.O.V.

By the time I woke up I smelled French toast. I woke up smiling to the aroma. I turned to Zayn and he was still sound asleep. I looked for a clock and saw it was eleven o'clock. I turned back to him. 
"Psst!" I whispered.
"PSST!" I persisted. 
I flicked his ear hard. 
"OW!" He exclaimed. 
"Good morning!" I said cheerily.
"Morning." he replied, with a deep kiss. I kissed him back even harder. I parted my lips slightly to let his tongue circle mine. I ran my hands through his hair while he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. Then I heard Candy giggling. I quickly retreated from Zayn and looked over at the two winking at us. I blushed and smiled. 
"Its about time!" Candy said
"Do you smell that?" Niall
"Yeah!" Zayn said casually as if they didn't catch us making out.
Candy and I looked at each other and knew what the cause of the delicious aroma.
"Bella." We said at the same time. As me and Candy stood up to head over to the kitchen the boys followed. And as we entered the kitchen, we found numbers of plates filled with fresh pancakes, eggs, bacon, and she was just finishing up the French toast. 
"Good morning." Harry said in his deep, sexy morning voice.
"G'morning!" Louis said going over to his best friend and taking the seat next to him.
"You cooked all this?" Liam asked Bella in shock. 
"Yeah!" She said proudly.
As she served us, I really thought about me and Zayn. Were we really going to become an item? Were we just going to be a summer fling? Did he seriously have feeling for me? I didn't want to get too wrapped up in my feelings because he showed these feelings at the hospital, and then he went and fucked some slut. I wanted to just grab him and kiss him and have him hold me. I looked at him studying his features. From his light brown eyes to his perfect smile, I couldn't help but have even stronger feelings. He looked over to me and licked his lips. I stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed. I looked over at Bella and saw Harry pat her ass. 
"Hey! What did I tell you about that?!" She said struggling to be serious, and giggled.
"Okay, come serve yourselves!" She told us.
I always kept my eyes peeled for Niall and Candy. Those two never left each others side. 
As I grabbed a plate I grabbed nearly everything, but Niall beat me by having four pancakes, three slices of French toast, and six pieces of bacon. We all served ourselves and sat at a huge brown table it had ten chairs. Two chairs at the end had an Irish flag print and on the horizontal sides, they had the UK flags. We all took a seat and started to talk. We all started talking about Six Flags and then Louis asked me
"Are you scared of rollercoasters?" 
I felt Zayn's glare on Louis. 
"Kinda." I admitted. 
"Same here!" he replied giving me a high five, just then Zayn took a piece of my French toast. Oh. Hell. No. He had it in his mouth, and as I went to grab it he held both my wrists. 
"Fine." I told him.
"I win!" 
I took a whole French toast off his plate and chomped on it as unattractive as possible. After I swallowed, he said,
I gave him an angelic smile, and he gave me a light kiss. 
After everyone was done, I patted my belly and sighed. I loved and missed Bella's cooking. As I sat in the chair relaxing, my phone vibrated. I took it out and it read,

"Dad: 11:37 A.M.
 Hi monkey! Ralph said your car is is great condition and you can pick it up whenever you can." 

I squealed. Zayn gave me a confused look.
"I can pick up my car!" 
"Thats great!" Candy replied.
"Damn, that was quick." Bella said.
"Hey, I don't care. I got my sexy car back and we can look like hot babes with our hair flowing in the wind." I said getting the girls and I wrapped up in the car. 
The guys looked at us awkwardly. 
"Don't look too hot, I don't want any one to steal you." Niall told Candy.
"You're such a hopeless romantic Nialler." Liam sighed.
"What? I can't help it." he said never breaking eye contact with Candy. 
I jumped up.
"Well I will call you when I'm ready." I said.
Zayn grabbed my hand. 
"Where are you going?" He said. Damn those big brown eyes! 
"I'm gonna pick up my car!!" I told him widening my eyes.
"And how are you getting there?" He asked.
Good point.
"Walk I guess."
"Pfft, okay." He scoffed. He got up and grabbed his keys and headed out.
"Em. I guess I'll see you guys later."
"Okay!" Candy and Bella exclaimed.
As we walked out, he hopped into the hottest and newest model of the Camaro.
"Damn!" I exclaimed.
"Thanks." He chuckled.
As we drove he started to go into a forest. I got worried. The hell was he taking me? Oh my God he's going to kill me. No! He was a part of a cult and he was going to use me as a sacrifice!!! Oh God, that was just ridiculous. He must've sensed my reaction because he held my hand, and his touch seemed to calm me down. 
"Where are you taking me?" He stopped at a cliff.
"Calm down, Jack." He said laughing.  "Come on." 
I widened my eyes at him.
He took my arms and pulled me out.
"Remember this?"
"No." Holding him tightly. I did NOT feel safe on this cliff whatsoever. 
"Zayn." I said whimpering, my legs getting shaky. 
I looked up to him attempting to do puppy eyes. He let go of me and sat on the edge. He patted on the space next to him gesturing to sit next to him. 
I sat and looked down. My nerves started to get the best of me and my hands began to shake and he held my hand. Then, his touch made me feel a little relaxed. Then it all came back to  me. This was where I had my first kiss.... This is where WE had our first kiss. 

*Five Years Ago*

When we were thirteen Zayn told me he wanted to show me somewhere before I moved to Italy. I was scared that he would be playing a prank on me so I said no. Then he started to nag me. After twenty minutes of his annoying voice I complied with him and went. 
"Where are we going?" I told him nervously.
"You'll see." He told me.
Just like before, I was nervous he was going to kill me or something like that. 
Then he brought me to the cliff. I gazed in pure admiration. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I was so amazed by it, I wanted to be closer to the view. I wasn't very cautious of where I'd been walking, because I tripped on a vine and nearly fell off the cliff. As I tripped I managed to keep a hold of the few rocks that were attached to the cliff. 
"ZAYN!" I yelped. 
Within seconds he grabbed my arms and heaved me up. I was so scared that I didn't leave his embrace. 
He didn't push me off or make fun of me for being scared. He just.... Held me. Then we sat quite a distance from the edge, and just talked. Then he asked,
"Have you has your first kiss yet?"
"No..." I said embarrassed. "You?"
"Nope." He said with a smirk.
"Z, no."
"C'mon! Just to try!"
"I just saved your life. You owe me." 
He had a point.
"We tell NO one!" 
"Pfft, no problem." He scoffed.
I was disgusted by this, I wanted it to be done as SOON as possible so I pressed my lips onto his, and instead of detracting our lips I just stood there in total awe of how amazing of an experience this was. He never separated our lips, either. Then, I pressed a little harder then, retreated. Then he just sat there with a goofy grin on his face. At that moment, I realized how much I would miss his stupid antics. He then said,
"Jack, I'm going to miss you a lot."
"Me too."
"Don't stop singing." I told him. He was self conscious of singing but he had an amazing voice.
"Ah, maybe." He said, making us both laugh.
"Jack, promise right now, that when we get older we'll still know each other." 
"I promise." 

"Zayn..." I said. 
"You kept your promise." He said smiling.
"Did you really miss me?" I asked.
"Hell yeah. I cried once. And I would try to come here every day and sit right here and remember how great my first kiss was." He admitted. 
I came to the sacred spot and I began to tear up a bit and he said.
"Aw Jack its okay" Zayn leaned in to give me a hug which I gladly accepted. We stood there while he wrapped his arms around me for a few moments until he pulled away, arms still around my waist, and said.
"Don't cry" He said.
 I tried to give him a somewhat smile. Before I knew it, he was leaning in and his face was just inches away from mine, and I found myself leaning in as well. After a passionate peck on the lips, the kiss got more hungry. He rolled his tongue on my bottom lip, in which I parted my mouth and he gladly took advantage. I felt him smile into the kiss after I moaned into his mouth, mostly from holding my breath, but the kiss was breathtaking anyway. It was then I realized this was no summer fling.
This was real.
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